I’ve been very into playing around with my makeup lately, and I’ve been trying out a lot of new looks. This is one that I came up with whilst playing around one day, I think it’s very easy to achieve and only took me around 20 mins to do – follow my tutorial if you fancy trying it out!

All of my powdered eyeshadows are from the Too Faced palette Chocolate Bon Bons. All products I used for this look will be linked at the bottom of the post.

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Shades Used:

Divinity – Base

Bordeaux – Wing

Satin Sheets – Highlight

This is a really good Too Faced palette, it’s my go to and I use it all of the time, you can really build up the colours too but you definitely need to use an eye primer, otherwise they get quite chalky and unblendable.

I also used:

Elizabeth Arden – Candy Girl lipstick

Too Faced – Born This Way

Besame Translucent Powder

Kat Von D Lock it concealer

Bourjois Chocolate Duo

Bourjois Blush

L’oreal Paris Eye Paint









1.Prep your skin

I use the Skin Kissed vitamin c serum on my face to begin with, and I then go in with an exfoliator and a moisturiser. Once everything is settled into my skin, I prime my face with my Kat Von D lock it primer.

2. Start on your eyes!

I actually prefer to do my eye makeup before everything else. If I make a mistake I can wipe it clean without taking away any face product. I begin with a base colour which is usually either a cream shade or a soft brown, in this case I used Divinity. I then take a dense brush and map out a wing with a light shade of brown, I’ll drag it into my crease and then blend it out with my NYX blending brush.

After it’s blended, I take a Loreal eye paint in silver, pat it over my eyelid and blend it out using my fingers. Much later on, after my skin is finished, I do go back in and drag the brown shade under my lash line – you can do this now or later like I do.

3. Conceal

I’ll just conceal where necessary, if I have any pesky spots that my foundation didn’t hide or any redness coming through. Pro Tip: Only use a SMALL amount, and then blend it into the infamous triangle shape. Less is more.

4. Foundation

This is super easy, I just pat it lightly into my skin. I leave my nose right up until the end, and I only put my remaining product that is left on my sponge on my nose. This stops the foundation from separating from applying too much, and also means the light coverage lets my freckles show through.

5. Bronze!

Again, very basic, I’ll bronze my cheekbones, drag it up into my forehead and down to my jaw and under my jaw line.

6. Blush

Gently brush your blush across the apples of your cheeks, I did blend mine out with my fingers a little bit afterwards but this may not be neccessary

7. Highlight

I use my MUA highlight and use a Spectrum fan brush to highlight my cheekbones and tip of my nose where the sun would naturally hit off my skin and create a natural glow. I don’t highlight anywhere else, but you can highlight the tip of your nose to create that extra glowy look, which also works well if you’re a sweater.

8. Lips!

I use my Next lip balm to prep my lips, and then I wisp over my lips with my Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Candy Girl.

8. Setting my makeup

I use a NYX setting spray – and then we’re done!

To spruce this look up you could…

I definitely recommend trying this same look out with a strong winged eye drawn in with a black felt tip eyeliner, I use the Kat Von D tattoo liner and it is amazing, as well as with a strong bold red lip – don’t forget to conceal around your lips after you’re done to tidy it up. I think that would look fab on a night out.


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