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I'm a creative writer from the United Kingdom based in the West Midlands. I am a content creator for this blog and on my social media channels. You'll often find me talking about life as a petite woman, traveling and the simple joys in life.


In life, as we grow and our minds begin to change, opinions we once had start to fizzle out and as we accept this, it’s normally not been solidified in a written article on a website you run. So for a blogger, changing your mind can probably be called out on if you’re not careful.

A classic example of this is the trend of 2018: Digging up celebrities old tweets. This hasn’t been done in a while though (probably because peoples PR teams got on that real quick), but it’s on the same wave length. In 2010 I could’ve said I hate chicken, in 2018 chicken could be the main feature on every dish I eat, it’s not quite as extreme as what some of these celebs have been caught out saying, but stay with me on this. So, when I wrote a blog post talking about why you should say yes more, and then later on went on to write one saying why it’s okay to say no, don’t you think that came across a little bit, hypocritical?

At the time I didn’t think much of it, I was writing my opinion as it was then and what came out of my fingers and my brain was the truth as I knew it, and the me writing this now still agrees with the latter post, why it’s okay to say no, because I think it’s the healthier opinion and mindset to have. But it’s bothered me for a while that I never acknowledged the fact that I’d been one of those people who were spouting the JUST SAY YES! nonsense that nobody can fully commit to.

But I’m only human, you’re only human, our minds are constantly changing, our opinions can change and our brains are always growing and learning new things, realising new things and it’s probably okay to accept that, and if you’re going that far back in my blog, you probably have to understand already that 2016 me is different to 2018 me, in many many ways.

Bloggers are real people too, I can’t condemn someone for writing one thing and then two years later saying another thing, or even two months later, because once you’ve learned something new or you’ve accepted a new truth into your mindset, it’s only normal to want to let your readers know. Especially if you’re trying to encourage and uplift them, isn’t it the “Well, duh?”, slap in the face anyway?

Something else I always said I would never do again was publicly talk about who I’m romantically involved with. This is just because of bad and cringey experiences, but also because I wanted a barrier between blogger me vs real me – but you’ll notice on my Twitter that I talk about my boyfriend a lot and I’ve posted photographs of us together on my Instagram, which is inevitable when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, and everyone within your inner circle knows about it. So if it’s no big secret IRL why should it be online? I definitely went back on this one, but it’s not a major thing and it definitely hasn’t affected anyone else other than myself, but it’s something someone could say HA! Idiot! to me over. Well, jokes on you cause I’m calling myself out on it!







To be honest, we’re our own biggest critics and we’re going to know where we’ve probably set our own traps, and I think that sometimes it’s okay to come out with: I’ve grown, my opinion changed, my advice before may have been bad but I learned from it.I battled with deciding whether or not to delete the first post, but I decided to keep it up because it shows how I grew as a person over these past few years and months, it shows how as a person, learned a few things here or there over a certain period of time, and I think that it’s important to show these things in an over-filtered social media world.

So, take my just-say-yes ramblings with a pinch of salt, it’s definitely okay to say no, and take my former “I’m never talking about my boyfriend!” statuses as me being wary. I learned my lessons.


I think it’s important to acknowledge these things, take what I say seriously but remember that I am also only human, learning every day and my mind may change in the future. When it does, I’ll let you know, as I have done when I turned my say yes to everything attitude into, actually don’t say yes, say no.


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