I’m quickly approaching four years of blogging, and to some, this may seem like a short period of time, to me it’s felt like a lifetime. I’ve done a lot, my blog has grown a lot and I’ve changed a lot over the course of these years. There’s a lot I regret though, and there’s tonnes that I wish that I’d done sooner, so I’m going to air my laundry, and tell you about them.

My main regret has always been my slackish behaviour during my first two years of blogging, even though I felt like I was quite good at keeping to a schedule and quite good at regularly posting, I still slacked in the quality department. I think that because I’d seen a lot of blogs that had been ongoing for much longer than mine, I felt the need to catch up. But I believe in quality over quantity. Yes, I still try to regularly post and keep a schedule, but now I don’t feel so crappy about spending a whole week on one post and perhaps neglecting my schedule for the sake of one really good, thought out post.

At some point in time, I also started to get a lot of blogger envy. I regret this because it was definitely affecting my content, I was rushing to get posts out so even though I was making the effort to write a longer post with more photos instead of one just slapped in between a body of text, my ideas weren’t really too thought out because I wanted to catch up – I felt like because it had taken me so long to get my foot in the door, to find my happy place in the blogosphere and figure out what I was trying to do, I was being left behind and I felt a sudden urgency to catch up with everyone else.

I eventually realised how it was affecting my content, I realised that even though I was a late bloomer, my content has grown over the years, people do read my blog and even though I can’t quite write in the ways that I would like to sometimes, even though my ideas are larger than my means and even though I’m never completely happy with my content, it’s come a long way and I have a lot to look back on, and I know now where I’d improve and maybe do things a little bit differently.


When I look back on my blog, I always find myself regretting not dipping my toe into the “lifestyle” category sooner. I was very fixated on being a fashion and beauty blogger so I think my content ended up suffering for it. I don’t earn a killer wage and can’t afford to splash out on every trend and every new high-end beauty product, and as a result, being obsessed with being an on-trend blogger ended up meaning my posts weren’t even 200 words long.

I find this regretful because when I realised that I didn’t need to be doing one look book after another, and I didn’t need to be reviewing the latest beauty craze every week (because let’s face it, bloggers influence each other – we all review the same stuff), it occurred to me how much good content I’d missed out on writing about. I definitely wish I’d begun writing posts like this sooner. I do love writing fashion posts, they’re a lot of fun and especially so now since I’ve figured out how to write them without splurging hundreds of pounds on new clothes every week, but for a blogger like me, being a solely fashion blogger just isn’t realistic. I wish I’d realised it sooner.

But above all, my main regret from my first few years of blogging, has been putting a lot of stress on myself to have the perfect blog. The more I put thought into it the more I realise that I’ve been making things harder for myself by trying to force myself to keep up with everyone. So what if my blog isn’t a high-end fashion blog, or so what if I can’t write eloquently enough to come across as if we’re best buds? People keep coming back and reading my posts for a reason – there must be something I’m doing right! I still do pile stress on myself, I still try to aim to keep up a posting schedule and I still try to be trendy here and there, but I began blogging because I wanted a fun hobby. I wanted something that I enjoyed doing and something that made the time I spend on the internet worth while.

The reason I wrote this post though, was to literally air my laundry and get a few things off my chest. I think that starting a clean slate is important, and being as open in my writing as possible is definitely a good starting position.

SO, with that – there’s going to be less complaining around here. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately (lol), and it’s time to get cracking!


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