We see bloggers all over the place talking about: Is blogging dying? Should we all be giving up our years of hard work, and try to make it on YouTube? And to that I say, er, no. From what I can see, blogging is still alive and doing well – some of us may be stuck at a cross roads trying to figure out our happy middle (I surely am), and some of us may just be taking a step back whilst others flourish. But it’s definitely not dead, and I’m here to say why.

The first reason that makes me believe that blogging is still going strong, is because people are continuing to create blogs every day. I get DM’s often from girls who just want some advice on starting their space on the internet, who want to know what my best tips are and how to even begin – if blogging was dead, would anybody really be interested in starting one anymore? Of course not. We’d even all have hung up our coats and given up by now too. So come on, think about it.

I also think that blogging is taking over YouTubing again. This is probably a very biased view though, so take this one with a pinch of salt – but, I actually don’t watch YouTube anymore, and there are many many YouTubers out there who have admitted the same. I get bored of watching videos and begin to skip through them. However, I’m constantly looking for new blogs to read, and I always seem to be able to read a post from start to finish with ease. Again, might be slightly biased since this is me, but if you want to call a platform dead, call it YouTube.

 This is also something I’m seeing on Twitter a lot, people getting tired of the phrase: BLOGGING IS DEAD, casually getting thrown around. A lot of us agree that by saying that, and announcing blogging dead on your own blog, is the same as shooting yourself in the foot. With that mentality how are you possibly going to motivate yourself to get up and write? How are you going to attract people to your blog if you’re looking like the half done blogger, and who wants to work with someone who will admit that they’ve already laid blogging to rest?

Obviously this is something I’ve considered very carefully since these posts and tweets and everything else began to come around: Do think blogging is dead? I definitely for a while felt like my blog was, I wasn’t really improving content wise and my numbers were stuck, I hadn’t gained much momentum in a while. Which is why I decided to revamp a bit (more coming on that soon), and those of you who read my newsletter already know this, but I’ve even questioned these chatty, opinion pieces a bit.

The more I thought about it though the more I realised that it’s not that people believe blogging is dead, it’s that people are bored with their own blogs, and they’re probably too afraid to admit it to themselves and to everyone else: So that means everyone elses blog is dead. Right?

I do think it’s easier to hit refresh though. Go back to the basics and stop overthinking so much. Blogging can be made fun for you again if you take a second to stop and think about what it is that you want to write about. Stop declaring the entire industry as dead, and open your eyes to the fact that maybe you don’t need to write a massive post with excellent pictures, maybe some of us appreciate short and simple with true to life photos that haven’t been edited on every software known to man.


My third reason as to why I think blogging is definitely still alive, is because we’re all still looking for relatable, honest and real writers. I know I said I think that YouTube is the dying platform, and I stand by it, and that’s simply because most YouTubers (who I know of anyway), seem to be too afraid to say: I think this product sucks. I see more negative reviews on blogs, and I see people speaking openly and honestly without fearing the brand will never want to work with them again on their websites than on YouTube. I trust bloggers more. It’s as simple as that.

Yeah okay, not everyone is a saint and there’s definitely people out there writing out what isn’t really their opinions but it’s genuinely really obvious when that is the case as opposed to when it isn’t. I feel like I can see right through a fake-positive post because the same key-words get written over and over, the posts tend to be shorter and more image heavy than a genuine easy to write, and easy to read, review.

So, now for my short little segment that I didn’t want to write a whole post on. My own blog. I recently spoke about wanting to relax a lot more, and to stop applying so much pressure on myself around this time of year to get the perfect feed on the Gram, to get perfect posts out and to stop getting so jealous of other bloggers.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot (it’s even stressed me a bit to be honest), but I’ve figured out my middle ground, and I’ve found my favourite form of blogging.

I tend to write ahead a lot when I have things coming up that I know will stop me from being able to freely write, so I’ve been focusing a lot on August/September posts (neglecting the last half of last month while I was at it), I decided that maybe I shouldn’t write these types of posts out for a while to see what I can come up with, and how my writing changes or how much more enthusiastic I begin to feel about blogging as a whole.

was originally trying to push the fashion blog agenda when I began blogging nearly four years ago, it didn’t take long for me to step out of that region because I hadn’t found a foot in the blogosphere that opened up the fashion door for me in a way that I enjoyed.

I’ve actually discovered what I was searching for back then. I’ve found a comfortable way to fashion blog and I’ve been enjoying it, it’s got me all excited about getting to August and having those posts launch to be honest. I think subconsciously I was always a little bit annoyed with myself that I hadn’t gone down that route, and because I always wanted to talk about fashion but just didn’t know how. Having discovered where I’m at, has made writing about everything else a lot more fun too, and I have a pretty healthy idea bank in my brain and on my notepad right now.

So, I’ve revived my passion for blogging just by stripping back to basics. Blogging is alive. My blog is alive, and I’m sure this industry is definitely not ready to close doors.


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