THE UNDER 5’5 CLUB: DENIM (outfit idea)

I recently took to my Instagram stories to ask what you’d prefer to see, the majority voted for an outfit idea, specifically for blue denim jeans. So here we are a few weeks later with the outfit ready!

The outfit is super super basic, literally a white tee and blue jeans, but I think the basicness of this look is what makes it so special. Anyone, of any height, can wear it and look good.



On the don’t side, I’m pointing out that wearing the t-shirt untucked isn’t good. This is because it can make you appear shorter and as if you have no shape on your body. Having it loose also makes your legs appear to be shorter than they really are, and you end up looking like an overgrown 9 year old!


On the do side, I’m telling you to tuck in your shirt. This makes your legs appear longer and also gives your body some shape, I have a curvy body type so this really makes my curves show, I like to loosen my tuck a little bit too so that it looks more relaxed, but if you prefer a tight tuck then by all means keep it that way.


The shoes that you’re wearing play an important part into an outfit like this. Because the jeans are slightly flared, it’s easy to get tempted into wearing high-top trainers – but this can go wrong.

I definitely think that you should either wear chunky chelsea boots that the jeans will go over, to give you some height and some depth into the look, or you should stick to the basics and do what I did, low-rise pumps that match the colour scheme.

Shoes to avoid

  • Strappy sandals
  • High Top trainers
  • Low chelsea boots (no heel)
  • Doc Marten type boots

Shoes I recommend

  • Heeled chelsea boots
  • Low Rise trainers
  • Sandals
  • Flip-Flops (so casual!)








Jeans with texture

I love these River Island jeans because they’re of a relaxed fit, there’s a slight flare at the end of them – and they have texture. They look slightly distressed on the back and front pockets, and the bottom of the jeans have been left hemless, meaning there’s loose fabric hanging off them.

I just like the way that this looks, it keeps the outfit from looking too boring and I think that you could even get away with doing some DIY and adding a few more tears here and there.

How to accessorise

I’d strongly encourage you to not over accessorise with this type of outfit, it can go south pretty quickly if you put too much on. Since this is such a simple look, dainty gold jewellery is the best option. A small necklace with a dainty bracelet and some midi rings would really tie an outfit like this together. I always have a pair of tiny hooped earrings in because they’re my favourite, so I also think that a gold pair of those would look really nice if you tied your hair into a pony.

How your hair can affect your height

Even though leaving your hair down can look cute and in my case, it was freshly cut so there was no way of it going up, how you style your hair may be making you look shorter. Tying your hair into a ponytail or a high bun can actually make you appear taller. It elongates your neck which creates the illusion of the rest of your body looking slightly longer too, it’s not a massive change but it is there. I recommend buying a hair donut if you can’t do a bun without the assistance, you can find them for as cheap as 50p!


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