Looking in the mirror is something we all do every day, I’d say for a substantial amount of time too. Whether it’s picking at a fresh spot, looking at your damp hair as you blow dry it, or taking a thousand selfies to post to insta, we all do it. Whilst looking in the mirror, you may notice that you’re not overly keen on your chunky thighs or your double chin is looking extra double today, and it might make you think, “I don’t really like that part of myself.” – most people would tell you to chin up (no pun intended), and to learn to love yourself as a whole. I’m telling you the opposite.

Yes, it’s rather lovely to have things you like and appreciate about yourself and I definitely do have things about myself that I love, but again, that’s normal, we all do. But why should I love every inch of my body and not have things I don’t like here and there? Isn’t it a part of human nature to want to constantly have what you can’t?

For me, I’m insecure about a few rogue stretch marks here and there, I don’t love my back and I certainly don’t appreciate my seven chins (lol), but that doesn’t really take away from the fact that I love other parts of myself, and that I have other parts of myself that I love enough to make up for the fact that I have things about myself that I don’t particularly like.

I definitely do think that spreading the love yourself message is a good message to spread, but it can make you start to feel a bit crap about yourself when you can’t find reason to love every inch of your body, in fact, in some cases it can only make you feel worse. Whenever I start moaning about the things that I don’t like about myself, I’m quite quick to point out that “Oh, but I like this and that so it’s fine.” – I definitely think this is a defence mechanism, because I know that people are going to say “Erm, love yourself.” and as lovely as that is, and quite reassuring too, I also find it to be quite frustrating.

You don’t live in my body, and you definitely have things about yourself that you don’t like, because again, human nature. And it’s okay. It’s perfectly fine. Because as long as you’re comfortable in your body, as long as these insecurities aren’t nibbling away at you so much that it’s making you feel low, and that you’re owning your insecurities whilst loving other parts of your body, or personality, you don’t have to force yourself to like the bits you’re not too keen on.

I definitely don’t feel bad about not loving every inch of my body, I wish I was taller, I wish my skin wasn’t acne prone and I wish that my crooked front tooth was straight, but I love the fact that I have green eyes, I love the fact that my hips are wide and that my ears are quite small. Whilst pointing out the things I don’t love, as much as it’s probably a defence mechanism against the people who will tell me off, pointing out the things I do love reassures even me that I have parts of myself that are great, to me anyway.






The thing is with being a blogger, and being someone who is trying to make a social media presence, there is definitely a weight to constantly push a positive agenda, and I would feel guilty if I felt like I was having a bad day as far as feeling about myself goes, and if I chose to share those thoughts on any of my social platforms, because I’m supposed to emit positivity and tell everyone that the world is rainbows and sunshine. The world most definitely is not rainbows and sunshine and as long as we’re human, as long as we have feelings and real emotions, we’re going to not like the odd thing about ourselves, which is completely fine.


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