Pinterest is a great website, I use it for inspiration, I use it for ideas and I just really love to browse the website whenever I can. Using it for my blog has become a “new” thing for me lately. I didn’t quite understand how to increase my website traffic through Pinterest up until I did a little bit of research and decided to dedicate some of my blog time to generating traffic from the image hosting and sharing website. 

So, if you haven’t already gathered, I’ve decided to share with you the best ways I noticed I generated traffic from Pinterest to my blog. As always, these are just tips. What works for me may not work for you, the best advice I can give, is to play around with the website yourself and find new ways that I didn’t list, or ways to enhance on the tips that I offered. I’d also love if you’d share some tips with me!



Make a blog board

This was the first thing I did when I started using Pinterest more seriously last year, but after that I just didn’t add to it. A few months ago I began adding relevant images to my board, to promote blog posts, my website and also as a way for Google to pick up on keywords relating to my blog and stick me in the Images tab. It worked.

Use Key Words On Your Image Descriptions

Whenever I upload an image to my board, I make sure to use as many keywords in it as possible, to make the image easy to find, to make it easy for Google to pick up on my photo and again, to bring more people to my website.

Don’t forget to source your images though

Seriously. When you go to upload an image, it’s right there underneath the Browse tab. I always put my blog URL in the destination, otherwise what’s the point in having a blog board? If there’s no way for people to easily access your blog through Pinterest, they won’t come searching for you.


Upload clear images

A pixelated image that isn’t a great size isn’t going to encourage anyone to come and see your website. Upload clear high resolution images, and people will become interested.

Save your images with relevant keywords before uploading

Saving an image as “asdfghjkl” isn’t really great. For two reasons: Google picks up on this. Save your images with keywords relating to the image, this works in your favour entirely and keeps search engines showing your images.

Engage in Pinterest

Don’t just use Pinterest for your blog board. Make several boards and have fun on the website. You’ll gain followers and hopefully people who are interested in checking out your blog too. If you’re only using Pinterest for your blog pins and not taking interest in making more boards, you probably won’t attract many visitors. I love Pinterest without it being another tool for my blog, I have a tonne of secret boards too that I like to use just for me to look at, Pinterest in general is a really helpful website and can get inspiration flowing that you can integrate into your writing and photography anyway.








Bonus tips:

Add a Pin It button to your blog

Promote your Pinterest frequently

Upload your blog images to more boards besides your blog board

Spot trends, follow them, people will come clicking

Track your traffic generated through Pinterest


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