It’s pretty common knowledge around these corners that I’m 4’11 – I shop in the petite isle of the clothing store. Over the years I’ve become more conscious on how to dress my short body, and I decided this year was the year I stopped paying close attention to trends, and wear clothes that I look good in, feel good in and want to wear again.

Fashion is something that is very important to me, I think about what to wear constantly and I even studied fashion in college. I’ve learned a lot about my body and how to flatter it over the years, I know what suits me and what doesn’t. I’ve been avoiding oversized t-shirts since I know that they do nothing for my height, they make me look shorter and stockier, and honestly I just find them difficult to style. So, here’s some tips for what I’ve learned over the past few years, hopefully you find them helpful!

Finding the right clothes to wear on your small frame is important. Before I buy a garment, I will make sure that I have an outfit in mind for it. I will think about my body size and shape and consider my height.

Before I bought these Asos Ultimate Peg Trousers I made sure to consider what I would be wearing with them. I saw on the model that they were cropped with a slight flare, these are loose fitted (and very comfortable) trousers, so how I could make them look more casual than smart was on my mind.

So I considered:

  • A Colour Scheme
  • Comfortable pumps that don’t take away from the crop
  • How I wear my hair
  • Whether or not I tucked in a t-shirt

Before I bought the Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, I had in mind a crop top to go over the trousers, I was considering playing with the looseness of the trousers to make a completely loose outfit, the t-shirt is actually a crop top but I knew that because of my height, and the fact this wasn’t in a petite range, that it wouldn’t be cropped on me, but it also wouldn’t be as long as a regular t-shirt, which made it easier to tuck in and keep it straight.

When I tried on the outfit, I realised that with regular cotton socks it would look a bit ridiculous and take away from the whole point of me not wearing high rise shoes. I bought some of those invisible socks from H&M and wore those, it keeps the crop there and makes my legs look longer than what they actually are. It’s just an illusion but it works, even when I’m moving around.

This outfit would definitely work well with a ponytail or a bun, but I left my hair down to keep the casual vibe ongoing.


With this outfit, I was looking for something to wear to Harriet’s Christening. I originally had planned to wear some light blue denim jeans with the floral pink button up tucked in, with some low rise brogues and invisible socks. But it snowed on the day, very heavily, so I had to consider a Wintery twist to the outfit. The petite leggings are actually very thick and keep me warm, whereas I noticed when I wore jeans in the colder months my legs were more prone to getting cold.

I got these petite leggings because buying a regular fit legging always leaves crinkles on the bottom, I think it just looks really silly and I always find myself trying to straighten them out. You can buy petite leggings from anywhere online, which really surprised me since I thought they’d be a rarity. You can get a pair from River Island for £10 which in my opinion, is worth it, since they’re bound to last a while, they fit you snug and that annoying crinkle is none existent. I do recommend investing in a pair of petite leggings.

Then because of the snow, I also had to ditch the brogues. I’m glad I did because the snow was a lot thicker than I expected it to be, walking down to Lauren’s house in the brogues would’ve frozen my toes off. I like these chelsea boots because they have a small block heel, it gives me about an inch more height but because of the fit of them, they’re about two inches off my ankle, it also gives the illusion that my legs are slightly longer.

I got the coat for £25 from Primark, I liked it because of the top half being fitted, and the bottom part of the coat has a fitted flare which really compliments my body type, I am quite curvy as well so I felt like it just suited my body. The colour is also very flattering, it looks nice against any skin tone and worked well with my colour palette on my outfit. Petite trench coats are a great way to go about giving your outfit some oomf in the Winter time, but since we’re in Spring now, this coat is very light weight and has no extra padding, so it works well for this time of the year too.

This was definitely a more fun outfit to put on, I liked the western style that it had going on and I’ve noticed that this season has a lot of western inspired prints and garment shapes. Even though I got this checked button up from Primark back in December, I still feel like it’s on trend.

This is another outfit where I had to consider making an illusion on my body size. I have longer legs than a longer torso, so sometimes my torso can look really small, and basically like I’m just all boob and no belly. These Topshop jeans are a low rise fit, so tucking in the shirt and loosening it up gives the illusion that my torso is slightly longer than it is.

I kept the length of my legs by wearing the same chelsea boots that I previously spoke about, but I wore them over my jeans to give off the illusion that nothing has been done to the length of my legs by enhancing my torso, basically evening me out. This works because it’s black on black, there’s no end to the jeans and barely a beginning to the boots. Wearing black socks also helps in case your jeans want to start shifting around and pop out of the boot.

I also wore my hair up with this outfit, I just felt like it worked well with the look and was flattering against the button up. I wore my bun as more of a top knot on top of my head, I felt like it really completed the look.

I also made a note of my jeans being petite, because sometimes you can get away with a regular fit, but like leggings, you get a weird crinkle and it’s a bit obvious that the regular fit jeans aren’t designed for your body. It keeps the straightness of the jean and in my opinion, it just looks really nice.

You’ll also notice that I rolled up my sleeves, I feel like this makes a difference to flattering my small height too, showing off a bit of skin whether it’s on your arms or your legs goes a long way.






Additional Tips:

  • Go in store and try things on
  • Never buy a garment without an outfit in mind
  • Show off those legs! Cropped pants are life changing
  • A colour scheme makes an outfit look more put together, whether you’re petite or not
  • Low rise shoes can help make your legs look longer
  • Tucking in shirts can make you look taller
  • High waisted skirts with a jumper or t-shirt tucked in can make your legs appear longer

I’m definitely going to be making this into a mini-series on my blog over the next few weeks (or months), I really enjoy talking about my height and how to dress to it, so definitely keep an eye out if you’re interested!


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