I haven’t particularly been hush hush about how much I love to write, how much I love my blog and how much fun I have with it. However, what I have kept quiet about are the days that my blog makes me feel a little bit down, the days I feel a bit run down.

It’s no secret within the blogging community that this can happen, some people are amazingly open about it and often talk about how they take time to themselves because of the blogging blues, but in my case, I tend to just get on with it and try not to tweet out how much I want to scream because I’m uninspired, because someone I’m collaborating with decides to spend four days to reply to my draft or how agonising it is when you don’t get a response at all.

I love to blog, but it comes with its cons as well. These times are usually the times when I take time out, have a few days off from writing, reading, replying to or sending emails. But this time is different, as I’m writing this – not when it’s going live (hopefully), I’m inside the grey ball of my blog. The corner where I question whether or not I should be doing this, whether people actually care, all of that stuff.

Luckily, I have someone to talk me out of this, and who makes me feel amazing about my writing and about how much my writing may mean to someone, but that’s not the outlet I want to use this time. This post is. While the feeling is here, and it’s pretty sore right now, I want to get my frustration out.

Sometimes blogging sucks. But sometimes going to my office job sucks, sometimes when I worked in retail, that sucked too. It’s all under the same branch. I think that full time bloggers are amazing because unlike us part-timers, they have the hassles of the blogosphere none stop, of course they also get the good parts more often too, but I can’t imagine how much pressure they must be in since their writing is their main source of income, and for that, I feel glad to wake up in the morning and head to my office. Even though I admitted in my bucket list that I would like to be a full time blogger, right now I just might not be ready for it, and that’s what this feeling makes me realise.









Someday it could happen, but today is just not that day. I wish it was, as much as I wish that things didn’t get to me. It’s normally pretty standard things that get to me too, like the days where an article I’ve worked really hard on goes live and it doesn’t do as well as one I threw together in under ten minutes, that stings, and I wish it didn’t get to me when I see all of the amazing opportunities other bloggers get, which I don’t, but maybe that jealousy is also a motivator to have me work harder, because let’s face it: Every blogger wants to be able to collaborate, we all want to go to launches and have a great time. But the truth is, unless you live in or near London, or can get there without any hassles, it’s a little bit difficult. Not throwing any shade to bloggers who do live in London of course, it’s amazing what these girls and guys get to do and it’s really good for them.

I know I’m not alone when I say these things though, because every single blogger has days like this, sometimes weeks and occasionally months. The blogger blues is quite a real thing, and I think being open and honest about it, not just flaunting when you get a brand opportunity or when you reach a milestone in k amount of followers on Instagram, is what makes us, as a little blogging community, feel better about the positions we’re all in, makes us realise that we’re all in the same boat and we’re all in the same team. Everyone is at different stages with their blogs, and I think that it’s okay. I think that even though I want to push my blog further, right now, where I’m at, is where I’m currently supposed to be.


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