I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my goals are, my main goal in life and how I want to get there. Before I started thinking about this more seriously, I already knew what I wanted, and I think to some extent, we all know – but planning can help the process move along  a little bit and is a great way to motivate yourself a little bit as well.

If you don’t know what your goals are though, getting into this is also a great way to come up with one. I’ve created a sheet that you can use to make a note of what your goals are, whether they’re short term or long term, and I’ve even used it myself since I made it, which you’ll see if you keep on reading.

Set a realistic goal

The problem I’ve noticed that a lot of people have when it comes to choosing a goal, is choosing one that is realistic. A life goal doesn’t have to be this big fantastic thing, it can be something as simple as starting a family, or buying your first car that isn’t on finance. If you set a goal that is overly complicated, or one that you know there’s a chance you may never achieve, you’re not going to feel motivated about it at all, and you’re not going to be able to focus on it.

My life goal is my little secret, but it’s one that I know is achievable and one that I’m really enthusiastic about. My monthly, or day to day goals are very simple. I’ve set monthly goals of reaching x amount of views on my blog, I’ve set daily goals of getting x amount of blog posts started and finished.

Keep track of your goals

You can do this by using my sheet and going back to it every now and then. Also, the Notes app in your phone is pretty hand too if you don’t want to use my sheet, constantly going back and checking off the small goals that get you to the main goal is a pretty easy way to stay on the road to completion. You can set up “mini-goals” that act as check points as well, for example: If you have a goal that you’ve set to complete in one years time, have smaller goals that lead you to the main goal that you want to complete every 3 months or so.



Be patient – your goal may take years to achieve

There’s nothing to rush. If you rush through and try to get to your goal too fast, you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel satisfied, or the final result isn’t up to par. Take your time, be patient. It’s okay to take your time, the final outcome will always be how you want it if you’re not charging towards the finish line.

Be consistent

Don’t stop aiming for your main goal every few months, and then come back to it every few months. That’s pointless. If you’re not being consistent, effectively time keeping and working hard towards your goals, there’s literally no point. Be consistent with your goal and keep your eye on the prize.












Be excited about it

If you set a goal that you’re not excited about completing, then what’s the point? I don’t believe in setting goals for the sake of it, a goal is something you want to do and want to complete. The least that you could do, and the very first step, is be excited about it.

Use my goal sheet!

So, now onto the fun part – the sheet I’ve made for you to use. You can download it as a PDF file from this link here – zoom out three times for it to show in the preview, and you can download and print it off that way, or you can save the image that I’ve attached below this text and print it off that way instead, even though I do think that printing PDF files gives you better quality, just from my own experiences – but the choice is yours!

As I’ve said, this is a pretty diverse sheet and I made it with the intention of allowing you to set small or large goals. I really love using mine, and I feel like I can get a lot done in a day having set myself a daily goal, and it feels really good to be able to tick it off the to do list!

If you use this sheet, I’d love to see what you do with it. You can show it to me on any of my social media platforms, it’d really make my day! I hope you found these tips to be even just a little bit helpful as well.


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