I’m the kind of person who always has a plan in my mind, I like things to go exactly as I’ve envisioned them going and I love to have every step laid out. Of course, when the unexpected comes into play, my plans are ruined and it will destroy my mood for the day. Well, it used to anyway. A lot has gone on over the past twelve or so months that I’d say weren’t in my plans. A lot of big events for me were unexpected whether they’ve been good or bad. I’ve been learning to embrace it.

I think a classic example right now of the unexpected occurring has been with Storm Emma across the United Kingdom and other affected countries. Snow in March? Unthinkable. We’re a few weeks away from it officially being Spring, and we’ve still got our woolies and wellies out? I definitely was not expecting this turn of events. Instead of complaining on my social media, and complaining to everyone about how it had ruined my weekend, I just made the most of it. I went out with Mia and played in the snow with her, took pictures and actually had some fun.

Of course, there are times, and there will be times, where the unexpected may be a little bit harder to come to terms with. Where plans really are ruined and can’t be gone through with. But when it comes to that, then the only thing to do is make new plans, achievable plans, or make an alternative plan.

A little mini-goal I’ve set for myself, is to stop planning in my mind. I’ve decided to start letting people know exactly how I want to get from point A to B, how I want to make it happen, and if the unexpected happens, and I have a self-despairing few hours, there’s someone there to pick me back up, and help me find new ways to go about things.

Another example of the unexpected happening is actually in myself as well. You too, probably. How we’re always changing as people, how the things we like or the things we wear change before we know it. I’d say seven years ago, I never expected to be not in my little emo phase. I thought I’d always be listening to heavy screamo, that my style would remain the same and that I’d be so obsessed with boys who wore more makeup than I do.

Oh how the times have changed. My music taste is a lot more varied, I’m trying my best to shift away from wearing all-black all of the time, and my taste in men is definitely far different to what it was. But despite this I’m happy. I like the way my life is moving right now, I like the way I’ve changed over the years, and I like the person I’ve become. Even if I didn’t expect to be this person.


There will always be happy times and sad times that are caused through the unexpected, these are just things that we have to learn to live with. Of course, I’d prefer if the unexpected brought me happier times, because I quite like things going my way even if I didn’t think they would by going a different way to how I had planned, but life isn’t so kind like that.

If you’re like me, and you plan in your mind things that aren’t even going to be happening until months away from now, then you too must only know the annoyance of being this type of person. When plans get pushed back, or when they get completely cancelled, you’re left with a feeling of “Well what now?” because you’ve spent so much time thinking about it. It’s definitely hard to get out of this mentality, and I’m definitely not out of it, and I’d go as far as to describe myself as a bit of a control freak because of it, but by acknowledging this and relaxing how I behave towards the unexpected happening, I’m hoping to become a little bit more tolerable, more relaxed and less hot-headed when the unexpected comes into play.

I wanted to write this post as a little kick up the arse to myself, something to look back on when I’m freaking out because getting from point A to B ended up becoming going from point A to B then to C. I’m hoping that I grow more as a person through acknowledging this (quite annoying) flaw with myself, and that I learn to let loose a tad.


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