My hair has always been an important way of how I have chosen to express myself. I feel like I’ve done it all, every cut, every style and quite a few colours. I was blonde for a year and dabbled in being grey as well during that time, but last month I decided that being blonde just wasn’t for me anymore, and I coloured my hair again – a chocolate brown.

The thing is with me, is that once my style starts to shift a bit, I want the whole shebang. I want my hair doing, my wardrobe totally clearing out, new makeup. You name it. I go big and I go hard when it comes to my mini-makeovers. I’ve actually noticed that my style has gone from being mostly all black, which I could get away with when my hair was blonde, to more vibrant tones and textures.

When my hair was coloured dark again, I went home and started trying on all of my clothes again. It didn’t take me long to notice how much I hated the black items on my dark hair, and even though I’d been going through a little style shift anyway, this really motivated me into wanting to get rid of my dark clothes, and I ended up decluttering my wardrobe, selling a few things on Depop and basically going for a totally new me.

Anyway, back on topic. The reason I was getting bored of my blonde anyway is pretty obvious. I’d had it for a year. That’s the longest I’ve gone keeping one colour and one style in my hair. Yes, I did dabble in grey, but that was toner not dye and it always washed out within three weeks anyway. I loved being blonde for the first six months or so, I felt like I’d found a new me and knowing that I suited it also gave me comfort. But then it started to become a bit of a chore. I don’t mind going to the salon, at all, I quite like going actually, I love the feeling when you leave the shop and you feel so refreshed and so new, but I don’t like bleach.

Depending on your cycle ladies, bleach can hurt you more – or so I’ve been told, and I believe it too because oh my god. There’s been times where bleach has been unbearable on my head and I’ve hated every second of being in the salon. There’s been times where I felt fine and totally relaxed, but honestly, I did dread going and getting bleach put on my head.






To add insult to injury, my blonde wasn’t really consistent either. Depending on whether or not I’d gone grey, or if we’d used a different toner, my hair would always fade to a different shade of blonde. I was getting a little bit tired of not knowing what my hair colour was going to look like in six weeks, I was getting tired of my roots showing not too long after having them bleached because my hair does actually grow quite quickly.

So in the end, after months of complaining across all of my social media, months of talking about it to everybody I know, and thinking about it none stop, I just knew that I wouldn’t regret getting rid of my blonde. I knew that it isn’t a colour I’d go again just because, I’ve done it now, I don’t need to do it again.

So I hopped over to the salon, told them that the blonde was done, that I was ready to return to being a brunette, and we did it. Honestly, the amount of people telling me how much better I look without the blonde has been a great feeling too, I was worried about shocking everybody because I went from one extreme to another, but my little change has been well received.

This is the last post now where I’ll be using images from when I was blonde, and even though I loved it a year ago, looking back, I really do not miss it.



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