I’ve spoken earlier on this month on how Instagram affected my every day life, but I didn’t touch on how I feel about my every day life. With social media being at its peak, everyone is posting and everyone is browsing, it’s easy to find yourself wrapped up in a wormhole of “I wish that was my life,” but I think it’s just as easy to find happiness in your own life, and your own every day routine.
When I stopped to think about it, and I mean really think about it, I began to realise the amount of things that I take for granted, the amount of things that I don’t think twice about normally but do make a difference to how I feel every day.

These can just be silly things like saying good morning to my mum, or going to work and even just something as simple as listening to my favourite song on my Spotify playlist,but these are the things that do make a difference to my every day life, if I went a day without turning my playlist on, I think i’d go a bit barmy, and if I didn’t say good morning to anybody, I’d feel a little bit lonely.

It’s important to not take your every day life for granted

Yes, those luxury holidays in Santorini do look quite tasty, and yes I would rather be on a sun lounger in a five star hotel abroad than be at work in my little office that can never decide whether it wants to be warm or cold, but I enjoy my job. I like being at work, I like earning my money and talking to the ladies in my office about our evenings or opinions on what’s being reported in The Daily Mirror.

Even though ideally, I’d love my blog to become my full time job, I can’t deny the fact that it only being a part-time hobby type deal does give me opportunities to go out and socialise with people, gives me time away from my home and yes, I envy the women who have built up an empire so great that they can work from home on their website and be their own boss, and I still do want my blog to be my full time job, I always will, but there’s pros to it not being my full time job that I just can’t take for granted.









Yes it’s true, my life is not 100% instagram worthy and I do get jealous of people online, we all do and it’s become pretty much the norm these past few years but my life is still pretty fantastic, even if there are things that I’d like to change about it or things that I’d like to add to it.

Nobody is stupid, we all know that what people choose to put online, those fancy photos and tweets, have been carefully selected and put together, and even though eating in Jamies Italian every Saturday looks good, I also quite like my Aldi pizzas and McDonalds takeout too.

I have many things, people and memories to be grateful for. No, I’m not a millionaire Instagrammer and Blogger extraordinaire but I am me, and I am happy with where I’m at, and right now there’s not much that I’d like to change in my life, because I’ve gotten myself exactly where I’m at.




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