Something that I’ve been working a lot on this year already has been my Instagram feed, and how I use Instagram to interact and engage with my audience. When you’re new to using Instagram as a tool rather than a social media platform, it can seem a little bit like mission impossible. But fear not! I’m here to provide you with some handy tips that helped me up my Insta-game.

Of course, these are things that I have tried myself and found worked for me, it’s worth giving these things a go but what may work for one Instagrammer, may not work for the next.

Before I get into it though, I do want to say that even though Instagram doesn’t have the best algorithm, they won’t change it back. It’s never going to be chronological again, and as much as I think that sucks, we can utilise Instagrams other features to the best of our abilities, to increase our engagement and keep people aware of the fact that they follow us. This isn’t a post about increasing your follower count either, it’s about making the most of the followers that you already do have, keeping a relationship with them in a world where Instagram hides your posts.

I still love instagram, it’s still my favourite form of social media, and even though I’ve had the feeling of being a little bit lost with it up until lately, I haven’t given up on it. So without further ado, let’s get into my tips.

1. Stories Stories Stories!

If you follow me and you watch my stories, you may notice that I’ve been trying to increase how often I publish a story as well as the quality of the stories. I’ve also decided to make the most of Instagram, and I’ve added highlights to my profile. I was mostly a skeptic when it came to the highlights feature, I wasn’t very interested in it to begin with, but when I saw other people using it and saw how cute the icons look on their profiles, I was actually feeling more enthusiastic about this feature.

I’m glad I did, because the highlights feature actually has helped me to keep a more consistent story going. Having categories also helps you figure out what you want to post, so anything blog related goes up and straight into the Blog highlight section. This is also a good way to increase views, and also to get people interested in your stories. I’ve also mostly stopped using my iPhone for stories, I have been uploading pictures taken off my camera. I think it just looks better and honestly, more organised.

I’ve also been sprucing my images up using apps. There’s apps like Over which can be used to add text, graphics and filters etc. Ever since I’ve started using this app I feel like my stories have improved by miles, and the views on my stories have even increased a lot as well. The more interesting your stories are, the more likely you are to get the views. It’s also a great way to interact with your followers, I like to make the most of the poll option whenever I want feedback from readers and followers.

2. Consistently inconsistent

Here’s the thing, people keep harping on about having a consistent feed and yes, someone elses feed definitely looks better than mine, I do prefer to just, upload whatever I want to upload. I’ve also noticed that since I use the same filter on every photo, my feed kind of has a theme anyway. So what I’m saying is, it’s okay to not keep up a consistent theme because your layout may end up looking really great anyway.

3. But upload consistently

Keep your Instagram updated, don’t go a few months without uploading and then expect amazing interaction from your followers. In January I went a month without uploading, and I did notice for the first few days of posting again that I lost a lot of interaction and I had to slowly build it back up, which is actually how I came about wanting to improve my Instagram skills to begin with.

If you upload every day that can become a little bit rife I’ve noticed, I do start to lose likes and comments, but when I upload every other day, my likes and comments tend to increase, so it’s okay not to upload every day.


4. Interact with other Instagrammers!

I love shouting out bloggers on my stories, and I’m also getting into commenting on other bloggers photos, this helps me gain a little bit of confidence and also I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot more comments and follow backs from it. I’m actually enjoying doing it too because I’m making quite a few friendly relationships with other bloggers out of it, so definitely interact with other Instagrammers because it not only helps you grow your audience and interaction, but you also may make a friend.

5. Don’t be ashamed of your follow count

I follow well over 700 people, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of for that. I like having a lot to look at, and I do follow back other bloggers, because again: community. There’s nothing wrong with following over one hundred people, and I actually love seeing when people with thousands of followers aren’t only following like 60 accounts. Ever since I stopped limiting the amount of people I follow, I noticed my own follow count increase quite steadily. I’m not ashamed to hit the thousands in the “Following” category either.



  1. March 6, 2018 / 11:10 pm

    Good advice! I’m not much for my feed looking the exact same either. I do tend to stay in the same color schemes and filters though. I like to post what I like!

    • Georgia
      March 7, 2018 / 10:08 am

      It totally sucks the fun out of Instagram too when you’re hung up on a theme! I much prefer being a little inconsistent x

  2. March 7, 2018 / 6:21 am

    Great post, thanks for the info
    I make it too for my Instagram.have a nice day.

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