This year I made a little oath to myself, to look after my skin more, to improve my makeup skills a little bit and to take the time to try new products. That I have been doing, and I’ve managed to come across a lot of great products thanks to it. So, here’s the four beauty products that I’ve been loving and using a lot of lately. 

Taking the time to prioritise my skin care routine has become more of a habit, I wanted my makeup to sit on my face nicer and I went looking for ways to stop my foundation from melting – turns out that a good skincare routine makes all of the difference. My skin care routine has been a little bit lacking. I tend to wash my face and moisturise and leave it at that. Exfoliating my entire body was never really a thought. But these past few months I’ve been going out of my way to make sure that I do take the time to exfoliate.

The Decelor Paris body exfoliator is a brilliant exfoliator. I don’t use this one on my face though, I do use another one for my face, but my arms and legs have been thanking me for using this exfoliator. I tend to get really dry elbows (don’t we all?) and ever since I started using this exfoliator, I’ve been having to moisturise them a lot less. My skin feels softer to touch and I actually find exfoliating to be a really nice task, I just like the way it feels.

I also took to Instagram to ask for foundation recommendations. I had a lot of responses but I decided to go with the Too Faced Born This Way foundation from Debenhams. I really like this foundation. It’s easy to apply, it blends really well and it matches my skin really nicely. I also really like the bottle. The golden ring that goes around the top of the bottle is a really nice touch, and the TF stamp on the top of the lid looks pretty too. I also like that it’s a pump and not a squeeze bottle, my last foundation was and I really hated it because I always felt like too much product came out.

This foundation also suits my skin type, it’s an oil free foundation and it’s not matte. My skin looks glowing and happy whenever I wear this foundation, I really highly recommend it. It was about £29 and gave me a few points on my Debenhams advantage card.

I’ve also been working on my makeup base. I started using the Transit Camera Close-up by ThisWorks because I liked the idea of a 3-in-1 product. It’s a mask, moisturiser and primer. I don’t use this product as a primer though, I just like how it feels as a moisturiser. I always put it on before my primer, and I just really like it and I do feel like it’s made a massive difference to how I apply my foundation later on. I also like to use this after I’ve removed my makeup, my skin has honestly never felt so smooth.

With all this talk of primers though, it’s a nice segway to talk about the Kat Von D primer that I took a little bit too long to introduce to my makeup routine. I was using an E.L.F primer before, and I didn’t feel like it made much of a difference to my routine, probably because it was a spray on one and I don’t typically like those very much anyway. This is a really great product though, one pump generally feels like more than enough to cover my entire face evenly, and I love the bottle too.

I like the idea of the lid being the white stamp looking plastic, it just covers the hole the product comes out of and stops it from leaking when not in use. I was actually sold this by the girl working on the Kat Von D stall in Debenhams, she showed me how it works and gave it a lot of praise, so I bought it. She did her job well. I tried it as soon as I got home and I really noticed the difference in longevity of my makeup as well as how it applied. I can’t see myself not using this primer anymore, it’s made a massive difference to my makeup.

Keeping to the Kat Von D theme, I’ve also been adoring her everlasting liquid lipstick. I bought Double Dare, and I expected it to apply more brown-ish, but it’s a really nice pinkish nude colour. It feels so creamy on my lips and my mouth doesn’t look like it’s gasping for water either. Once it’s dry I noticed that I don’t get a lot of transfer when I eat and drink which is a massive bonus. I also don’t feel like I have to reapply it, so it really is everlasting. I really don’t know why there isn’t more hype around this product.

So, there you have it. The five products I’ve been loving lately. I think all of these are worth their price tags and I highly recommend them, my skin and my makeup looks have been thanking me.


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