Hi, my name is Georgia and I turned twenty last year. I still can’t decide on my style, or rather, it’s constantly changing and rocking back and forth, but that’s okay.

It’s okay because maybe that is my style. Those of us who are constantly dipping our toes into each and every style out there, we may feel like we’re constantly having a style crisis, but maybe our tendency to switch none stop is a good thing.

I am a strong believer that fashion is the easiest way to express yourself, and easiest way to tell a few things about a person before speaking to them. I don’t mean in a judgmental “Oh my God she’s wearing Crocs what a loser,” type way, I mean in a “She’s not afraid to leave the house in Crocs, she must be confident.” Type way.

I’m constantly going around in circles when it comes to my personal style, I switch from leather jackets and all black outfits with band tees being my staple, to Spring essentials like skirts and dresses being my main muse for a little while. I went through a phase last year of loving mustard jumpers, something that conventionally would be out of my taste, but I rocked it, and felt comfortable. 

Something that I’ve never been too afraid to admit is that I’m always changing and I’m a fadder. I love a fad. I love going through a phase of wanting to be a punk chick with cool sharp eyeliner and a buzzcut to wanting to have long beautiful braided hair with floral skirts and chiffon blouses, I love the constant shift in my style.

So, to those of you in the same boat as I am, who may feel like they’re constantly in crisis mode, and feel like they may not know themselves: This is you, and it’s pretty cool if you ask me.









Self discovery is a pretty big deal when you’re growing up and even when you’re in your twenties. I recently saw an article written by a twenty-something about how she’d made a major life decision, and someone commented “Yes because your beliefs as a twenty something stick with you forever, don’t they?” in a sarcastic tone.

The reason I’m mentioning this, is because I think that’s a load of rubbish actually. I think that your twenties are the best time for self discovery. I’ve not been twenty for very long, almost three months actually, but I have felt like I’ve been changing, that my personal style has been developing and even though I’m still stuck drifting in the airspace of what do I want to wear every day? I’ve been embracing it and actually, taking advantage of it.

So you can too, Miss (or Mister) Drifter. It’s so easy to change your mind, and it’s so easy to want to be one person today and then another tomorrow, and that’s fine.










So, until the day I have to be a granny wearing the same style cotton jumpers and flared jeans every day, I’m going to keep experimenting with my style, I’m going to own being in the drifting space of self discovery, and you can join me on that.


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