Something that I love to do, is lounge around in my pyjamas. As soon as I get home from work, the first thing that I do is take my day clothes off and put my night clothes on. I love pyjamas. So, since I’m always wearing them it only feels right to invest in some. Buy a set that will last me for a long time, so I chose Ted Baker.

I’m usually an old t-shirt to bed type of girl, I wear old band shirts with those tight legging type bottoms that you can buy from literally everywhere, it’s comfortable and I feel great walking around the house in them. But my day-time style is changing, I’ve noticed it, my friends and family have noticed it, and I definitely feel like this has leaked into my selection of pyjamas too.

When I saw these Ted Baker pyjamas, they appealed to me instantly. Have you ever had one of those purchases where you just know it was meant to be? This was that.

To be honest, these were pricey. This was a treat, and I really can’t justify how much I spent on these on a normal day, but it’s been a while since I treated myself to something a little bit more investment-y, with my biggest ever purchase being my Macbook Pro a few years ago.

The print and design on these pyjamas has actually become a bit of a Ted Baker staple lately, I’ve seen this print on toiletries, bags and other Ted Baker pieces, the colour scheme in my opinion, is really beautiful, bright pink and deep burgundy tones look really good together and I’m all about this colour scheme, it’s definitely one I’d try out with day time clothes.

The top did confuse me to begin with, the straps go across your back in a cross, so getting it on is a little bit baffling the first time since there’s so much going on, but once I figured it out, putting them on again really didn’t feel like as big of a challenge. The shorts fit around my hips perfectly, they’re not very elasticated so these are definitely designed to fit.

The material feels really good too, they’re silk and they feel good quality. Mia has had Ted Baker pyjamas in the past, they’ve always been cotton but they’ve lasted her so long and she always says how comfortable she feels wearing them, so I did have some high expectations for these.







My favourite detail of any Ted Baker item is always the signature B. No matter what you buy from Ted Baker, whether it’s a vanity bag or a spray, the rose gold B is somewhere to be seen, I just think it’s really pretty. On these pyjamas it’s hanging from a bow in the centre of the top. I will say though, the top is not something I’m going to be walking around the house in – it gets very low and it’s very cleavage-y but it’s perfect to sleep in.

Honestly, I’m really pleased with these. Like I said, they were definitely an investment piece and I won’t be spending this much money on a pair of pyjamas again any time soon, but I just love how pretty these are, how great they feel on and how they shape my body. They’re very flattering, so feminine, and if you’re thinking about treating yourself to a ~fancy~ pair of pyjamas, have a look into Ted’s range.

I’ve spoken many times about my love for Ted Baker, this is a brand that I think I’ll always feel strongly about. Some of my first posts on here were talking about my collection of Ted Baker goods, so I definitely think that you can expect to see more from Ted Baker on my blog.

Honestly, my favourite thing to do is to just lounge around feeling comfortable, and finding the perfect pair of pyjamas to do that in feels like hitting the jackpot.






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