I feel like over the past few years there’s been a shift in the way we’re supposed to view the world. “Just say Yes” is all over the place, people are telling you to make the jump and say yes to doing things even if you don’t feel ready, because impulse is important! I disagree.

Saying yes can be amazing, it can open doors to new opportunities and you can meet amazing people. But saying yes to things you don’t feel ready to do, or just don’t feel up to doing can be detrimental as well. People don’t talk about this often, about the times they said yes and regretted it, about the times they decided to do something and ended up having a pretty bad time.

There’s nothing wrong with saying no. I don’t know why there’s such a stigma against it nowadays, I say no to things all the time. Because I don’t feel like doing certain things.

It’s fine to not want to do things every now and then. Besides, if you say no to something that you genuinely don’t feel up to doing, when something comes along that you do want to do, you can say yes, because you have the time to, and you know it’ll be something you’ll enjoy doing because you didn’t have to think twice about saying yes without having the echoes of bloggers voices in the back of your mind saying “just say yes”, giving off quite the guilty conscious.














Saying “no” to opportunities

This is also something I’ve seen a few bloggers speaking up on lately. Because this is an industry in which people are bound to collaborate with brands, people often feel obligated to accept an opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with accepting every opportunity that comes your way, if it’s what you want to do then excellent, do it. But, sometimes people feel guilty responding to an exciting email with “No thank you.” – I’m pretty sure we’ve all turned things down in the past, and we all have our reasons why. It could just be that it required travel which is a bit too far, it could be that the opportunity doesn’t align with our niche or something as simple as: You just didn’t feel like it.

There’s nothing wrong with turning down an opportunity, and to be honest, even though you may feel a little bit guilty, you saying no has opened the opportunity to someone else who may actually want it, because there’s thousands of bloggers and the brand isn’t going to just give up, someone else will take it, someone who wants it. So, why feel guilty about turning down an opportunity that you didn’t want? You’re giving someone else an opportunity, and it could be their first collaboration.

I see a lot of people set their new years resolutions to saying yes more often, more often being the key phrase here, because it’s important. There’s a difference between saying yes to everything, and just saying it more often than usual.

I think it can be quite damaging to force yourself into doing things you don’t really feel like doing, this can be related to your blog or to your every day life. When someone makes a decision to say yes, it should always be because it’s something they actually want to do. I wouldn’t say yes to eating a food I hate just because I want to say yes more.

So, with this, say no as much as you want, say yes to the things you love. Don’t take my word as bible though, if you genuinely feel like saying yes to everything will benefit you, then go for it, it’s your life. But, what I’m am saying is, don’t feel bad for saying no every now and then, or to the majority of things. It’s your life, do with it what makes you happiest.


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