My favourite type of blog posts, are these throwbacks to 2012 when everyone did the “20 things about me tag”, every now and then I still see this post floating around and I get inspired to do it too, so today is the day!



1. I wanted to be a mermaid when I was little

Not in a cute, do it as a professional entertainer swimmer type deal, like, I actually wanted to magically transform into a mermaid – Ariel to be specific, and I got super annoyed at anyone who also wanted to be Ariel. I was six, and I was sassy when it came to my mermaid business!

2. I cracked my head open as a toddler falling off some ladders

As kids do, I was messing around and decided to climb some ladders that were in the backyard at my grandparents house. Obviously I fell off and hit my head off the concrete ground, resulting in a cracked skull and an overnight stay at the hospital!

3. I’m terrified of snakes

This is probably my *biggest* fear, so much so that I specifically told my tattooist one time not to tattoo a snake on me. I’ve had nightmares involving snakes and I don’t care how small they are, no thank you!









4. I got my Instagram username when I was 12 through Tumblr

Before it was “Whorifying” though, it was something else that I really can’t remember. I’d been whatever that username was for about a month and then decided to come up with Whorifying, no idea where it stemmed from to be honest but I get asked all the time if I’m willing to give the username up since I predominantly go by my actual name these days. The answer is always no, I feel very attached to the username for some reason.

5. I had a tonsillectomy in 2016

I’m fairly certain anyone who regularly reads here or follows me knows about this one, but I was getting tonsillitis a lot throughout 2015 and 2016, and at some point I was hospitalised with quinsy which ended up being a few nights stay and being put on a drip, not very nice, so in December 2016 I had my tonsils removed and let me tell ya, best thing I ever did for my body.

6. I’m 4’11

Another one that’s pretty common knowledge if you follow me, but yep. Short arse over here is 4’11. I used to get it pointed out to me a lot as if I was completely unaware of my height and I’d been under the impression that I was as tall as everyone else for my entire life. I don’t get it pointed out to me anymore though, and I’ve come to find a lot of petite bloggers and YouTubers thanks to my height!

7. My favourite genre is alternative rock

I have a shared Spotify playlist with Pedro that I update all of the time, it has well over 400 songs now and it’s mostly alt rock. Of course, I do like other genres and it’s full of a bit of everything, but I have to pick a fave.

8. I could eat chicken nuggets every day for the rest of my life

Not even just McDonalds chicken nuggets, I’m talking those birdseye dippers or any kind of chicken nugget. It’s my go to when I can’t decide what to eat as well, even though my food palette is a lot more open than it once was, nuggets are the go to.

9. But chicken is the only meat I really enjoy

I don’t really like anything else, I’ll eat a sausage or pepperoni but other than that, I don’t like any other meats.

10. The best concert I’ve ever been to was Pvris last year

There’s something about loving a band so much, spending years listening to them and then finally getting to see them and being within breathing distance from them performing the songs you love. Nothing will ever beat the feeling I had walking out of that Pvris concert. Lynn was amazing and beautiful.

11. I’m a massive fan of Shakespeares Hamlet

I’ve said it before that I really like Shakespeare’s plays, but there’s something about Hamlet that I’m really into, and when I saw that Mia was doing The Tempest in school I did feel the green bug of envy just a tad.

12. My favourite animes are Haikyuu and Zankyou no Terror

When I watched Zankyou no Terror it also propelled me to give Cowboy Bebop a go, which I absolutely loved. Haikyuu is just a really great feel good anime about a bunch of high schoolers who love volleyball!

13. I began blogging on a whim, I’d never read another blog before

But I’d also spent months thinking about it, daydreaming about being a blogger and having my own space on the internet. I obviously had skimmed through blogs, but I’d never seriously read them until I’d began blogging, I now have blogs bookmarked and I love being a part of the community.

14. My favourite movie is (500) Days of Summer

And as basic as it is – I don’t care! The last time I watched it was a long time ago now, but it’s a movie I’ll always love.

15. And my favourite TV show is New Girl

Sensing the Zooey Deschanel pattern? She’s actually my favourite actress as well, see that as a bonus fact maybe?

16. I had my tongue pierced when I was 16 and took it out two years later

I actually always hated it, I hated how it would get caught in my teeth when I spoke and how my tongue could never fully reach the back of my mouth like it could without the tongue bar. When I took it out, it was like I’d discovered bread for the first time. Amazing.

17. I read a lot of horror manga, but I refuse to watch horror movies

I’m a big wuss, what can I say? There’s a huge difference between a bit of gore in a horror manga and the gore they display in horror movies. I also hate jump scares and really frustrating plot points like walking towards the suspicious looking man wearing a mask and holding a giant machete.


18. I tried learning German when I was eight

It lasted a few months and then I gave up on it because I couldn’t be bothered with staying behind after school, I wanted to go home and play my games. I also don’t have the type of brain that absorbs a lot of information easily, I have no idea why I thought I could learn another language.

19. I also had a pretty “successful” AMV style YouTube channel when I was eight

I made a lot of Lara Croft fan videos and I got pretty good at it, and had a pretty impressive subscriber count too. Years later I rediscovered the YouTube channel and set all of the fan videos to private and kept a few actual videos up. I also use this YouTube channel now for viewing since I wasn’t subscribed to anyone and I couldn’t be bothered with making a new channel.

20. Tomb Raider is my favourite video game, and I’m really worried about the upcoming movie

I’ve loved this franchise since I was about seven and I also have a habit of loving the worst received Tomb Raider video games, Angel of Darkness is my absolute favourite and I’m still bitter about the fanbase turning their backs on the game after the release of Underworld. I also think the movies starring Angelina Jolie were cheesy and great, regardless of what anyone else thinks. She was a great Lara and after seeing the trailers to the upcoming movie, I’m not so sure about this movie.

So there you have it! Twenty facts about me you may, or may not, have known before! As I said, I really like tags like this, and I think it’s a lot of fun reading things about a blogger, I do miss the days where blog tags were a thing and I would like to see it make a comeback.


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