In 2015 and 2016 I wrote a bucket list, and an updated version of that bucket list. I think the first time I was dreaming a little more, and the second time I was definitely reaching but also keeping my goals a little more sensible and achievable. I obviously don’t intend on rushing through my list though, and these are life goals, but I’ve actually managed to complete a few things off my list this time, so I’m here to update and replace the spaces I completed, with new goals.

Life – Events


01 – Visit Harry Potter World

I want to go here more than I did last time for some reason. I’ve been more into Harry Potter since I last wrote a bucket list, and I can see why it has so many fans, although I’m not really a super fan myself, I am interested in going and having a look. I’ve also seen all of the movies, even though I haven’t read the books.

02 – Go to more concerts

Last year I definitely had a better start. I went to two concerts, Touche Amore and Pvris, which was better than the year before where I only went to see Earl Sweatshirt. I love concerts and I’ve been to so many over the years, but I don’t know why I stopped going to as many. Probably because a lot of my friends are either too far away or don’t share my taste in music.

03 – Go to London Fashion Week

This one I’m not so arsed about anymore, but I would still love to go. There’s something about the atmosphere and excitement that appeals to me, rather than being another blogger at LFW, but when I do see bloggers go, how excited they are about it, all the photographs they take and their writeups of the event get me really excited and a tad bit jealous.

04 – Move into an apartment/flat

This one seems a little more achievable than it did when I first wrote this list. I want to move out, I’m an adult now and a lot of people I went to school with have moved away from home, so I know it is possible. My issue is being a scaredy cat and wanting to live with someone, and not be home alone often.

05 – Go on a Road Trip

Again, another one that I’m not so crazy about anymore but I still want to do. I’m not so crazy about this anymore because of the state the world is currently in. Politically and safety wise. Maybe if the world suddenly improves in the next few years, this goal may appeal to me a little more again, but right now it’s something I’d gladly put to the side.

06 – Travel The World

Okay, so this was once ‘Go to California’, but I ended up having so many places I wanted to go to that the section may as well have just been travel the world. I want to see the world. I want to explore all sorts of cities and countries. There are so many places that I could go to and so many cultures I could explore. I definitely want to see more of the world that isn’t either the UK or Spain. I started this off on the right tracks last year when I went to Lisbon for my birthday though, and now I would looove to visit all sorts of places.

07 – See Basement live

Three years later and I still haven’t seen them. LOL. They were actually really nearby to me last year too, they were supporting Frank Carter + The Rattlesnakes, and TBH I was tempted to go just for Basement, but I don’t listen to Frank Carter at all so I couldn’t justify going to see them for just half an hour. You know?

08 – Learn to drive

To be honest, the reason I still don’t drive already is because I’m still scared to. I already spoke last time about how I dread the thought of getting behind a wheel and going straight into the back of another car. I did an audible sigh just now thinking about it. I do want to drive because I do think it’s a beneficial skill to have, whether or not I want to own a car is another thing. But I just know that if I’m not mentally ready to do so, it’s a lot less safe on the road with me on it.


09 – Attend a music festival

This is a major one and I don’t know why I didn’t include it before anyway, but again, this section used to belong to travelling to a country. So, I’ve exchanged wanting to go to Asia for wanting to go to a music festival. This is something everyone wants to do I think, and I don’t even need to explain why. The atmosphere, the music and let’s face it, we all love truck food.

10 – Attend a Blogger meet up

I can’t believe I still haven’t put aside my life for a second to attend a blogger meet up. I feel like they’re always happening but never near me, or when they’re near me (like in Birmingham), I can never go to them because work or time. I’m not up for getting a train from Birmingham back home at midnight, that’s not very safe.

11 – See the Northern Lights

I said it before – generic. But I want to see them in real life. They look so beautiful on photo and in videos, so I want to get the chance to see them with my own set of eyes.

12 – Have a tarot reading

I’ve actually had a psychic reading before, but I now want to get a tarot card reading. Okay, yeah I admit it and yes it’s true, I believe in all of the psychic readings and tarot cards stuff. I actually had my first psychic reading last year and it blew my mind. My sister was pregnant with her first baby, my head was in a weird place with the blog and I had some personal things that she picked up on which completely sold me. How would she know I blog if I didn’t even mention it, and emailed her about seeing her from my private email that doesn’t even include my middle name? How would she know I had a pregnant older sister and how would she know about the ~personal~ stuff I had going through my mind? I was so so sold. So now, I want a tarot reading too.

13 – Go to a boxing match

I honestly find boxing matches fun to watch, even if sometimes hard to watch, but I’d like to go and see one live.

14 – Go to a monster truck derby

I’m pretty sure I wanted to include this last time but it seemed like the least fashion and beauty blogger thing ever, so I skimmed over it. But I do have an interest, and would like to attend a monster truck derby.

15 – See a Shakespearean play

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Shakespeare’s plays, my favourite being Hamlet. I’d love to go and see a play for myself.

16 – Go to a drive in movie showing

I always liked the look of these when I see them in movies, I don’t know how common a drive in movie showing is these days, but you never really hear of somebody going to them, which makes me all the more interested in going to one. I’d love to go and do this with somebody who is willing to watch absolutely anything, but beggars can’t be choosers.

17 – Get tickets and go to a tattoo festival

I’ve been wanting to attend a tattoo festival for ages. Brighton normally has one around March and it looks like a lot of fun to go to, I’d love to go to one at some point, even if its just for one day.

18 – See a broadway play

Something like Cats or the Book of Mormon, I’ve always been interested in theatre and my mum used to take us to the panto a lot when we were kids, normally around Christmas times or for birthdays, but I also have an interest in seeing something on broadway.

19 – Watch my niece be Christened

Here’s a new Georgia fact: I’m Christened. I’ve spoken before about my belief in God, and why I believe in Him, but my sisters are also Christened and my sister wants to Christen her daughter too. I want to be there when it happens, and I want to capture the moment.

20 – Go to Afternoon Tea



Life – Materialist



21 – Have a sleeve of tattoos on my leg

So this was right on the top of my list last time, and to be honest, it’s because it’s something that will take, and has taken, years. My leg is a lot more complete than it was before, but also no where near completion. My shin is practically finished and I’ve started on the back of my leg, which I’ve been in no rush to get back into since it absolutely bloody kills in that spot.

22 – Own a Polaroid Camera

23 – Complete my first photo album

24 – Own an original piece of artwork

I’ve decided to set my sights on owning an original piece of artwork. This is probably easier to achieve than most of the things on this list, since tattoo artists and a lot of artists I follow on Instagram are always selling their original works for a good price. But I want an original piece, and I want to display it proudly in my home.

25 – Take photos in a photo booth

26 – Own a cat

I’m a cat person. I think that they’re so cute, and I love their sassy little personalities and besides,  I’m always looking at them online thanks to Twitter account Catsu, so, I want a pet cat.

27 – Buy a piece of furniture

28 – Fill a bookshelf

I do like to read, and I’d like to fill up a bookshelf full of well, good books. I was going to make a joke here and say “And fill it up with manga!” but I’ve actually already done that with my little makeshift bookshelf in my wardrobe… oops.

29 – Own a designer bag

30 – Own Vivienne Westwood earrings

31 – Get a tattoo abroad

I don’t mean in one of those dodgy backstreet tattoo shops where they charge €5 for a piece. I mean, I want to get tattooed by someone established, who I’ve done my research on and who I definitely want a tattoo from. I’ve been eyeing up a lot of Lisbon based artists this year and I’d definitely love to have a piece off one artist in particular!

Life – Fashion & Beauty

32 – Dye my hair blonde

33 – Buy a completely thrifted outfit

Those girls on YouTube who thrift and find amazing pieces sure are lucky, charity shops where I live don’t tend to stock great items of clothes (the area I live in plays a part in this), but eventually I’d like to have an outfit that I completely thrifted.

34 – Get a makeover

I don’t want to totally reinvent my look, I’ve done that more than once, but I’d like to get my makeup and hair done and to feel like a pretty girl for a day.

35 – Attend a makeup class

I actually probably need to do this haha! I would love to go to a makeup class though and learn a thing or two.

36 – Try eyelash extensions

This is again, something I talk about wanting to do a lot, but I’d love to try getting eyelash extensions just once.

37 – Own a Tiffany ring

Now this is an extravagant want, but I’d love to own a Tiffany & Co ring. They’re pretty pricey so I would probably have to be on my best behaviour or save up for one real hard.

38 – Sell something online

39 – Fill a Pandora bracelet

I’ve been helping my mum fill hers (easy Christmas and birthday present) for a few years, and I’ve kind of taken to it. I’d like to fill one of my own though even though I’m not really a bracelet kind of girl.

40 – Find a signature scent

By this I mean, when you smell it, it makes you think of me. My nanny Pam and my granddad both have/had this. There’s a specific soap brand that always makes me think of Barrie and whenever you’re near my Nan she smells beautiful, when I used to give her a hug when I was a kid, I loved smelling her (weird?), it’s kind of inspired me to find a scent of my own.

41 – Buy a bicycle

You know those cute ones that have a little wicker basket on the front? I want one of those. Will I ever be the type to ride a bike? Not sure, but I want one. This is in fashion because let’s be honest, those bikes are pretty fashionable lately.


42 – Get my blog to a place I feel good about

I’ve kept it as no secret that I have times when I don’t feel good about my blog. Comparison is a killer and in terms of killing, it’s doing it to my motivation. This year I set a goal for myself to keep working my hardest at my blog, keep chugging along and working at my own speed. But, I eventually want to get my blog to a place where I can look at it and say, “Okay, I’m producing exactly what I want to produce and I feel good about this right now.”

43 – Take better photographs that I feel proud of

Okay okay, will I ever be proud of my photos? Probably not. Or well, yeah actually. Sometimes I am. But I’m never going to be really happy with them, because the blogosphere is full of amazing photographers who constantly push the levels higher and higher. But, so far, I’d say I’ve been feeling pretty good about my photos lately.

44 – Reach 10,000 Instagram followers

This seems to be a little aspirational at this point since there’s no denying the fact that I’ve had a steady decline in followers for a little while over on Instagram (and on Twitter a steady rise, win some lose some eh?).

45 – Go freelance

This is the dream. To go freelance and work on my blog all the time. I’ve fantasised about this more than I care to admit, and I’m secretly a little bit jealous of all the bloggers that have already gone freelance. I know it’s a lot of hard work and you never really shut off, but that’s kind of what I want.

46 – Design the layout myself

Instead of buying a pre-designed layout, I want to design one myself and have a look on my blog that is totally unique to me.

47 – Start a monthly newsletter

This is something that I’ve been trying to get myself into for a while, but I definitely want to start a monthly newsletter as a way to interact with everyone a little bit more.

48 – Get featured on Blogosphere Magazine

Another dream, but dreams can come true and I’d love to be featured (even a little mention) in the Blogosphere Magazine.

Just For Fun

49 – Get a matching tattoo

This ones pretty self explanatory, but I want to get a matching tattoo, not something that completes the other persons tattoo and definitely not someones name, but just a tattoo that matches and has some meaning.

50 – Get henna

Properly. Not done by my friends in their backyard like I did when I was a kid, I want to get traditional henna done, I think it’s so beautiful and the talent that goes into it is amazing.

51 – Meet a celebrity that I’m a fan of

I think this is one that goes on all of the bucket lists, we all want to meet a celeb we’re a fan of. If I could pick, it’d be someone like Zooey Deschanel or Lynn Gunn.

52 – Try being vegan

This is one I’ve said I want to do for years, all of my friends and loved ones know that I want to try out being vegan. Even if it doesn’t last, or if I don’t take to it, it’s good to try. This is something I’ll probably save for when I move out though so that I can do it without being a liability to everyone else.

53 – Go on a hike

I think everyone wants to try going on a hike, but I’d like to try it out, mostly to see how long I’d last before wanting to give up.

54 – Go to more art galleries in different cities and countries

I love art galleries, and every time I get the chance to go to one I always will. I’d love to go to some in different countries more so than different cities, just to see the artistic history from around the world.

55 – Go to a science museum

There actually is a science museum not so far from where I live, so this could easily be completed. But I don’t want to just go to any science museum, I want to go to one that’s big, extravagant, and full of scientific history.

56 – Bury a time capsule

I love stuff like this, just to fill a  box of letters, photos and bits and bobs that I like so that someone thirty years or so in the future can find it, or even, I can come back to it and dig it up to see what a younger version of myself wanted to let an older me know.

57 – Fly first class at least once

Because fancy. This is just for fun after all.

58 – Stay in an AirBnB

59 – Attend a dog show

As well as being a cat person, I also love dogs. I want to go to a dog show and see the talented pooches attempt the obstacle courses and show off their beauty. There’s an annual one in Birmingham that I’ve taken interest in, so who knows, this might be ticked off sooner rather than later.

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