When I entered the year 2017, I made a decision to prioritise blogging, and have new experiences. I managed to accomplish my goal, becoming proud of the work I’ve put into blogging on the later half of the year, and also having new experiences as well as just a boat load of fun. 

From having mindless fun by going to concerts and events, to big family milestones like births, this year was quite eventful to say the least. Even though I haven’t documented or taken photos of everything that happened, here’s my top highlights of 2017.

My first afternoon tea…

In February for Lauren and my Mum’s birthdays, we went to Gluttons in Tettenhall for an afternoon tea. It was lovely, and my first ever experience having an afternoon tea. I decided to include this in my “highlights” just because I enjoyed it so much, and it was also one of my first blog posts to hit a milestone in under 24 hours. I had also gone blonde the day before, so it was my first outing as a new blonde.

Then we threw Lauren a baby shower

My sister announced her pregnancy in the October of 2016, which was absolutely terrific news, Mia and I didn’t believe her at first and it took quite some convincing actually (shamefully on mine and Mia’s part), but we were thrilled to bits once she finally had us convinced.

My Mum and I spent a long time preparing for the shower, selecting party favours and helping Lauren with the silly bits and bobs that go into planning a party, and as you can tell, we went for an afternoon tea again. My second one! Haha.

The shower was plenty of fun and Lauren had pretty much just finished her university work around this point, or was about to, she’s amazing for finishing her Masters whilst being heavily pregnant. She’s a qualified teacher now, so cool.

My niece was then born in July, which was definitely the highlight of this year for my family. We’ve been needing something good to happen, and I think that the baby was definitely a very special, and so amazing, gift.









And then we went on a girls-only holiday

This was my first holiday with family in years. My mum, Mia and I went to Benidorm in August just because we wanted a holiday. This was my first “holiday” of the year actually, and we had a great time in Benidorm, even though it was stupidly busy and every night a stampede of people swarmed the street.

My mum got a little burned which Mia and I joked about a lot, and I actually did enjoy myself a lot. I obviously wanted to go abroad again though because it wasn’t the only time I went abroad last year, but it was the only time I went abroad with family.

We spent the days lounging on the beach, and the evenings exploring the streets looking in shops and finding places to eat. There was one little restaurant right by the hotel that I really liked, it had an old feeling to it and it was advertised as a chippy even though it was literally an eat-in restaurant. I also ended up buying loads of new clothes too since the high street was full of familiar brands like Zara and Pandora.

I actually didn’t blog about this holiday though since that was literally all we did, and it wouldn’t have made for much interesting content. I don’t think I’ll be going abroad with my family this year though, but who knows?









After all of that fun, I went on my first solo trip abroad

I went to Lisbon last month, as you know since it was a very prominent feature in the last half of my Blogmas. I won’t harp on about it too much in this post since I’m sure you’re probably absolutely sick to death of me mentioning it, but it was a big thing for me to do since I’d never been abroad without my family before.

I spent the few days that I was there in a gorgeous little AirBnB right by the centre of the city. But whilst in Lisbon, I turned twenty years old.

You can go back and read all the blog posts that I wrote that were solely focusing on the trip, but Pedro and I spent four nights together and had a look around Lisbon, he showed me some really cool sights and even though it rained a little bit on one of the days, it wasn’t enough to spoil the fun and we went and had a look around the castle.

But as I said, I won’t go on and on because I’ve already spoken about it so much.

I do recommend Lisbon though to anybody looking to go on a city break, there’s more to Portugal that I’d like to see, but for the few days I was there and in Lisbon, I did feel like I got to see quite a bit and the city is so pretty.




Read: When in Lisbon







To tie a bow on the year it was time for Christmas

With the craziness of Blogmas behind me, it was Christmas Day. Christmas kind of loses its specialness when you reach a certain age, but with the baby being here this year, it had that spark again and I think we were all really looking forward to spending her first Christmas with her.

I kind of cheated this year, I had a Christmas present two months early, but that’s because it was a pretty big present and my mum didn’t really want to keep it away for two months, but besides that I had a lot of fun opening my gifts and Mia seemed very pleased with everything that she had too.

Every year my Nan comes over for Christmas Dinner with us, as do Lauren and Jordan, and now the baby, so it’s a great time for all of the family to be together.













Then we went for a meal on boxing day

This is becoming somewhat of a tradition, we did it in 2016 too and my mum was talking about doing it again this year, but I enjoyed going out for my meal, even though I’m the awkward one in the family and didn’t eat from the special menu because everything was yuck.

2017 was not the most eventful year but also not the least eventful year for me, I did things that I enjoyed and I’m looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for me as well. I have things planned that I want to get done, and I have things that I would like to do.

I’m looking forward to writing this post again next year to see how much differs, to see how much my life may or may not have changed and to see what I can get done.


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