Earlier in the month I made a joke on Twitter, saying that instead of investing in an actual bag, I went to Amazon and bought a £1 canvas tote and bejazzled it in a few pins. 

I originally bought it because I was looking for a bag to take with me to Lisbon, I wanted something light and simple to carry around with me since I absolutely hate carrying bags. I was looking at backpacks and things like that, but I wanted it to also be an easy access so, I didn’t have to take it off every single time I wanted to get something out of it.

So, why these pins?

I bought some of these pins from Punky Pins last year, I wanted to customise a denim jacket but I haven’t gotten around to even buying the jacket yet, so I wanted to make some use out of the pins instead of having them wasted. I really like these pins because they’re such good quality, and they’re pretty reasonably priced too.

Then, of course I have a Mac DeMarco pin on my bag. I’m a huge Mac DeMarco fan, but it’s pretty impossible to get merch in the UK without paying for ridiculous shipping costs, so I just got this cute fan made pin from a seller on Etsy. The seller is StolenComputer, and they have a lot of fan prints and accessories for sale, I would definitely buy from them again since the shipping was super fast.



Some other favourite Punky Pins:

X | X | X | X












As for the tote, it’s as you’d expect for a one pound purchase. It held my things, that’s all I wanted it for, and since it’s plain it matches any outfit nicely. I first wore it when I was going to the airport, I wore it with a pretty basic outfit too, white t-shirt, black jeans, leather jacket (I also had my Basement hoodie packed in it in case it was too cold outside in the UK).



It feels quite “punk”

I promise you, I cringed writing that. But it does, there’s something rebellious about a tote, and to be honest, you can find some pretty cool totes with the intention of setting a political message or making a fashion statement.



Some cool totes: X | X | X


Since the one I have is just a plain lil thang with a few pins slapped on it, I would like to get one from an independent Etsy seller that has a bit more passazz  to it, I think that a lot of these sellers are very talented artists and I’d definitely like to support more of them.


Some more cool totes: X | X | X








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