We all have those silly little things that can make our day, silly things we remember for years, and I have a lot of them. There are so many small, insignificant ways that you can really make my day and put me in a good mood.

I wanted to write a light-hearted post and this seemed like a good opportunity, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I take certain things for granted, I think I have a bad habit of expecting things to just always be the same. So, instead of delving deep into my bad habit, I wanted to find the lighter things in life that can really make my day, and this is what they are.

Finding a bra that fits right

I can not tell you how difficult I find it to find a bra that fits me right. Before I went to Benidorm this year, I went to Primark. I just needed new bras desperately and they don’t cost loads in Primark so I just went for it. Got my size, they seemed alright. When I put them on though, I may as well have been braless. I then remembered there was a reason I don’t buy Primark bras.

I don’t think I have particularly big boobs, but all my bras seem too small or too big, so finding a bra that fits right is amazing. I have a few bras now that fit me well enough that I’m not putting my boobs back in the cups despite it being the correct size, and it’s amazing what it does for your confidence.


When the times change and it’s lighter during the day for longer

This is probably a little silly, but when I know that the times are changing and we lose an hours sleep, I get really excited for it. I love coming out of work and seeing it’s still day time, I love that the sun is still setting at like 10pm and I love being able to come home from work and have enough sunshine to take blog pics. It also smells like Summer when the clocks go back. I can’t tell you why, but the world is a lot different through my eyes when this happens every year.


Shirt Drop Dead




Waking up in the middle of the night to see I have hours of sleep left

Who doesn’t like this? Waking up at 3am thinking it’s 6am, checking the time and seeing that no, you actually have 3 hours of sleep left, is amaaaaazing. I wish it happened to me more often because it genuinely really puts me in a good mood when I actually have to wake up.

When you go into a shop and the person serving you talks to you

I love going into a shop, going to the till and speaking to the sales assistant. I’m pretty socially awkward and I feel really uncomfortable in situations like this normally, but I actually really enjoy it because I feel like it’s helping my confidence, and if I feel like I did a good job, it puts me in a really happy mood.

Getting a haircut

Self care is so important, and I have times where I can go a little bit too long without getting  my hair cut. I always feel crappy and I start to let it affect my mood. So going to the salon, having them wash, cut and style your hair for you is just so amazing. It always puts me in a really good mood and does wonders for my self esteem.




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