At one point, the thought of talking about my weight and opening up about how I feel about my weight was criminal. I didn’t want people to think that I was insecure and unhappy about the way I looked, but for the past few months, I’ve realised that I’m genuinely not insecure. It’s not because I’ve lost weight or gotten a little bit taller though, quite the opposite, I’ve gained weight and I’m still stuck at 4’11 (and a half) feet tall.

I’ve previously spoken about how I won’t let my weight get me down anymore, and it was received quite well by a lot of readers and people across my social media pages. But it’s Christmas time. I’m seeing it everywhere. Jokes about getting fat, jokes about all the chocolate we’re going to eat and jokes about having a “winter body”. It’s got me thinking quite a bit about how being a little, er, chubby, is being seen as a wrong and bad thing.

I’m not going to be a parrot and write what I already wrote last time, but I like my chubby body. When I look in the mirror and relax my shoulders and stop breathing in so much that my insides are kicking me, I don’t feel a sense of sadness nor do I wish to be skinnier. I actually like what I see. I like that my body isn’t perfect. I like that I have a few rolls and a few stretch marks here and there. I’m quite pleased with my chubby little body.

So why is it the season for dissing our bodies and not embracing them?

Well, that’s society for you. I don’t want to beat a broken drum though, we all know that society has gotten into our heads and made us think that we should have a desire to be super skinny and tall, I mean, who decided that was the “ideal” body anyway? Why can’t any body type be the ideal body type?

When I used to watch movies where a female lead would get naked, I’d find myself looking for rolls and curves. Not because I was being nasty, but because I wanted to feel more “normal” and I wanted to feel like the rolls that I have weren’t disgusting. But really, what was disgusting was feeling that way and keeping an eagle eye out for something that I had on another woman with another body type just so I could feel more normal and more attractive.










So lets start to make a change

I do believe that body positivity and supporting all body types is definitely a new thing. When I see posts on Facebook pages where they have a curvy woman talking about accepting her body, it’s normally much older men and women talking about how disgusting she is, and those of us from the younger generation supporting her and agreeing with the points she is trying to convey. So I also definitely do believe that it’s a generational thing as well, although I’m not saying that all older people have these views, because that truly is not the case.

But I think it’s important for us to begin to make a change. Let’s not judge each other and not  judge ourselves. If someone says they’re happy with their body, don’t sit and critique them and tell them how they can lose some weight or gain some, be happy for them. If you’re standing in the mirror telling yourself you need to lose or gain some weight, snap out of it! You’re perfect the way you are. For every roll you do or don’t have, and for every stretch mark you may or may not have, you’re perfectly fine the way that you are.


Similar Jumper











I’m pleased to say that I am the most secure I’ve ever been. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I’m the most confident I’ve ever been. This might all just be a part of growing up, or it might be because of all the positivity I see across the internet, or a mix of both, but I can’t say there’s anything about myself right now that I’d like to change, and for me, that’s such a big achievement. I can’t lie and say there aren’t days where I feel frumpy and gross, but those days are rarities now. I feel great and you should too.


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