I’ve been blogging for nearly three years, an amazing milestone for somebody who is a giver upper, I never finish anything or last at doing anything for long because I have a tendency to give up. But being a blogger has given me a purpose and it’s something that I really genuinely feel like I want to do. So, here’s what I’ve learned thanks to blogging.

Being yourself is cool, you are an individual

Thanks to so many bad-ass babes who blog, I’ve become so much more comfortable with myself. I see this awesome blogger girls who are always true to themselves, and they have totally motivated me to be true to myself as well. I tend to second guess myself a lot, but seeing the confidence, determination and just utter sass that so many blogger girls have to offer these days, it seriously motivates me to keep my head up and be me.

It’s okay to need a break

When I first got into blogging, I was pumping out blog posts daily and I was constantly pushing myself. I think my content suffered because of this, and I think daily blogging is something you should save until events like Blogmas, because you start to get a lot of pressure on top of yourself and it becomes way too stressful.

So, sometimes a break is okay. I’ve gone on hiatus a couple of times, and I’ve always come back with a fresh, open mind about what I want to do with my content and the direction I want to take the blog in.

Be inspired by each other

When I talk to none bloggers, and admit I read other peoples blogs, I get the whole, “But aren’t you just feeding into the competition?” question. But, I don’t agree with that thanks to girls on twitter. I get retweets a lot from other bloggers helping boost my engagement, and I retweet from other bloggers.

I’ve also been inspired by other bloggers, a lot, especially just lately, thanks to reading a large variety of blogs. Because I didn’t read many in the past I found it difficult to understand what it was that bloggers and readers wanted to see, I was writing a hundred reviews and expecting it to be good content. Whilst I do think a review is good content, too many is a bit OTT, and I’ve broken the habit thanks to being more open minded about being inspired by my fellow blogging sisters.








Don’t be afraid to talk about your opinions on certain topics

I bite my tongue a lot, I don’t want to upset a group of people or offend a specific person. So I choose not to open my mouth. But because of this, I feel like I’ve been missing out on being involved in important discussions. When I saw that bloggers weren’t being afraid to speak up and talk about controversial topics, or conversation openers, I started to wonder why I’m so afraid to do it too. I started to question my morals a little too, was my ego preventing me from having my say?

Thanks to this, I’ve found it so much easier to just write on here. Talk about things that matter to me. It’s thanks to all of the vocal, amazing women I’ve been seeing in the blogosphere lately.

Have fun with your hobby

Before blogging, I didn’t really have many hobbies. I wasn’t interested in doing a lot, but blogging has taught me that having a hobby should be about having fun. Since I’ve gotten into blogging, I’ve also forced myself to get into other things such as learning the piano and getting back into drawing. Instead of stressing myself out over something that should be fun, blogging has taught me how fun it can be.










If you’re a blogger, you may relate to some of these things. But I’m really thankful that I can blog and that I do, I can’t imagine not blogging anymore since it’s something that brings me so much joy.


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