When I first got into blogging, I was determined to keep up with what’s trending in the blogosphere. To be honest, I think it’s important to know whats in at the minute, but you don’t need your blog to be a carbon copy of everyone elses, so turning away from the trends of the blogosphere really isn’t a bad idea.























I stopped caring so much about blogger trends earlier in the year, it was becoming an expensive hassle, buying certain things just because every other blogger is raving about them, I started to wonder: Do people really care about the one thousandth review of that new eyeshadow palette? I started to wonder, does my keeping up with blogger trends in a way, count as self sabotage? Am I too afraid to branch out and write something that I genuinely want to write?

So, since then, I decided to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and just write about topics that I wanted to talk about with you, topics that had been playing on my mind that I wanted to express my feelings on, and just stop the blind consumerism because that thing is trending right now.

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So, blogging shouldn’t be about staying trendy

So, I wanted blogging to be fun again. I didn’t want to be constantly looking for the next trend, to be spending hundreds of pounds just to stay in the loop. The blogs that I like the most are the ones that are different, stand out from the rest and don’t try to be on the same hype as everybody else.

Coming to this realisation has saved blogging for me, I think. I was getting a bit tired, constantly stuck in writers block and I was starting to neglect this space on the internet that I have loved so much for nearly three years. Three years of doing the same types of blog posts was starting to get a little old too. I wanted to write about things that mattered to me, which is why lately the “Fashion and beauty” aspect that this blog had since the beginning, has begun to drift away a little bit.

Of course, I still like trends. I like to hop on bandwagons and I like to write about things that everyone else is writing about too, but I was so fixated on it before that it was killing off the fun of blogging for me a little bit.

I think that trends are a large part of the blogosphere too, and regardless of what type of blogging category you fall into, there’s going to be writing trends throughout the entire blogosphere. Beauty bloggers can rave about the same Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, sex and love bloggers can rave about the same topic for a little while and lifestyle bloggers can have similar flatlays to each other in their blog posts, which is normal and totally okay in my opinion. We’re going to get sucked into trends here and there, but I just didn’t want this blog to be boring and trend only.

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I feel like I have a whole new lease on writing, I feel good about this blog again

I stopped feeling anything for this blog for a long time. It felt like I was doing the same thing over and over, making no difference or making no affect to the people who were reading it. I wasn’t making points or statements, I was reviewing a product and using the same key words over and over. I don’t feel proud of my blog from the beginning of this year, because I think it was lazy writing.

However, these past few weeks, I’ve felt pleased with my content. I’ve felt motivated about writing, and what I have been writing has been a pleasure to write. I haven’t stopped writing midway through to come back to it a couple of weeks later because I need to get something up. I still have a lot of things I want to improve on this blog though, I wish that my pictures were cooler and that they stood out to me a little more, and I wish that my format was a little neater, but I’m getting there. Slowly but surely.

So, hopefully this motivation that I’ve had lately will stick around a bit longer this time. Hopefully I don’t run out of ideas and start to neglect my little space on the internet. Hopefully, I don’t become succumb to online trends like I have done in the past.


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