It’s easy to forget yourself during this time of the year, for me last year I don’t remember posting anything because of my tonsillectomy over the Christmas period, maybe I did but to be honest, I definitely remember that I just did not feel up to it. I wanted to be in bed on my own for the entire month and I was happy to go into a Christmas Coma.

I’ve been thinking of ways that I can motivate myself over the Christmas period, but I noticed that this year I have quite a bit going on so I’ve kind of broken the month up for myself anyway, which is a pretty simple way to already motivate yourself, but if you’re lacking plans this year or you just simply don’t feel like doing anything, it can be hard to get yourself into motion.


I feel like we all find ourselves indulging in chocolate and festive movies around this time of the year, and I don’t want to sound like a grinch, but some of us need to get a bit of a grip don’t we? Me included, don’t get me wrong. I need to get a grip. I’ve seen far too many full boxes of Cadburys selection boxes become empty in an hour, and I’ve cried at far too many Christmas themed rom-coms. It’s easy to forget that I have real things I need to be doing. It’s easy to neglect my blog, and it’s easy to forget to not look like a bedroom troll.

So, to stay motivated this year I’ve broken the month up. I’m not treating it as Christmas month, because it’s easy to think “Eh, it’s Christmas, whatever.” Instead, I’ve decided to treat it like how I treat every other month. To begin the month, I’m going away, which makes it pretty easy. After that, I’m going to not count down the weeks until I break up from work for two weeks, and I’m not going to make a Spotify Christmas playlist.

First off, blogmas is a good help for getting me on the ball with my blog. Even though I started writing these posts over a month ago, it’s still going to weigh heavily on my mind that I have blog posts that need to go up on time. I’m still going to be logging into my dashboard every day to check my statistics, and I’m still going to be checking my blog in the morning to make sure that my post went up on time. Thanks Blogmas!










Thanks to blogmas though, I’ve been finding inspiration from all over the place and I decided that, because I dedicated the end of October and all of November to finishing blogmas, I’m going to dedicate December to finishing my January posts. It’s easy to be lazy though and fall out of the routine I’ll set myself, so to keep myself motivated I’m reading as many other bloggers as possible, because even though we don’t admit it often: Bloggers are competitive. Seeing the amazing content other people are putting out makes me want to better my blog too. It’s only because I started reading more bloggers that I feel like my content [lately] has improved.


So how can I stay motivated?

There are tons of ways that we can stay motivated over Christmas. I think it’s because the season has such a big label of being about relaxing, taking time off, that it’s easy to fall into a slump in the first place. So here’s a few things that I’m going to try doing that you can try out as well!


No sleeping in

So this means I can kiss goodbye to staying in until 11am on my days off work, sleeping in means getting less done, and with the sun setting before 5pm these days, getting blog photos is a race against time. Sleeping in gives me less of an advantage, which means delaying how soon my content will be finished and how soon I can get it up. So no more sleeping in.

Have a routine

So, a schedule so to speak. Days where I decide what I do on my blog, and get into the habit of making it a routine so that I always have content, and photos.

Keep an eye out of what is going on in your field

This means I should keep a keen eye on the blogosphere. I find that when I read other peoples blogs, I have a desire to improve my content and keep my blog on its best game.








Those are just simple steps though, but in the long run I can benefit from having these mini-motivation goals. It’s a stepping stone which can lead to bigger goals achieved, and no goal is pointless.


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