Fourteen years old. What an age. I remember being fourteen like it was yesterday, I remember what I was getting up to, the friends I had and the music I listened to. School is also important at this age because it’s the year your GCSE’s are a thing, but Mia, today is your day. You’re fourteen.

Funnily enough, when I wanted to find photos of you to put in this post, I was going through our Facebook profiles, and realised that it’s been the past three years where you and I have really gotten close. I really see you as my best friend.

You are probably one of the smartest kids I’ve ever met

I know that I call you an idiot (a lot), but when it really comes down to it, you’re one of the smartest, most interesting kids I’ve ever met. You’re hilarious, you’re weird, you’re the loudest person ever but life without you wouldn’t be this fun.

I also know that we argue a lot over silly things, and I get madly stressed when we go shopping, because your habit of going in a shop and spending an hour in there without the intent of buying anything really aggravates me, but it’s also things about you like this that make me laugh to think about, these are the things about you that make spending time with you fun. What sisters don’t have things that they do to annoy each other anyway? You’re the most fun person to spend time with, you know me better than most and you’re not afraid to call me out on my nonsense.

I also love that you call me embarrassing but you’re always dancing, singing and getting up to all sorts of antics when we go out, you’re so confident and just genuinely hilarious, the videos that I have of you dancing around Home Bargains in October always put a smile on my face, because you’re just so weird.












I honestly can’t believe you’re fourteen today though, it doesn’t feel like ten minutes since Lauren and I were sitting in the back of Dads bottle green MG waiting to go in the hospital to see you, and I remember the first time Dad showed us a photo of you and we joked about how squashed your face looked, but when we met you, you were the cutest little baby.


Having you as a little sister means that no day is dull, coming home to you baking or making cuts out of liquid latex, or whatever new thing you’ve fallen obsessed with is always a laugh. I find myself laughing at you when you’re just walking around the house minding your own business, singing at the top of your lungs the wrong words to a famous song, or when you’re doing your makeup at the end of my bed pretending to be a YouTuber, talking your “audience” through your look.






















I don’t think that I express my appreciation for you enough, I think that we’re not the type of gushy people to sit telling each other how we feel, but when I say this I mean it: Having you as a little sister is truly a blessing. So, I hope that you have the most fun today, I hope that you read this without me having to force you to this time, and I hope that this time next year we’ll have had another great year gone by with you up to your usual antics. Happy Birthday Mia.

Happy Birthday, Mia!



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