I’ve been blonde since February this year, I decided to go this very light shade because I just felt like having a change. I used to joke around a lot about being blonde to which all the boyfriends I’ve ever had have recoiled at and told me no, and all my friends have said “I don’t think you’d suit it.” When I did go blonde though I was met with a pretty positive response and a lot of my friends told me they actually preferred my hair blonde. But I got bored of it.

So earlier this week I went to the salon and decided to go back a little darker. I’ve actually gone ombre, the shade at the top of my head is actually a violet brown, and the shade on the ends is just grey. I had the violet toner on my head the last time I went grey, and it lasted so long and I just didn’t want to completely get rid of my blonde hair, so this seemed like a good half way point. Funnily enough though, the “brown” didn’t seem to take, my hair dresser told me that I will keep having to go and get the dye put on before my hair actually takes to it, since I was close to a white blonde when I was getting it done. If going blonde is a long process, of course getting away from it will be a long process too.

Change is good

When it comes to me and my hair, we have a very strange relationship. I’m always wanting to switch it up but I never know how. After I got a pixie I vowed to never cut it short again because the growing out process was such a pain, but I’m also very comfortable with my full fringe and I sometimes get layers to thin it out a bit, so what else can I do other than colour it?

I’ve actually had my hair the same for the longest time ever, and it became a joke between my hair dresser and I that I always change it. So when I said, “Yeah it’s been about ten months since we last did anything new,” she was surprised.

I came to the idea of getting ombre for a while, but I was waiting for my hair to go yellow, but the previous toner we used worked so well that the yellow tint never really came. So when I got my hair cut last month, I just asked her if it was possible to go ombre from the silvery blonde I was already at. She showed me the colour chart and we settled on doing it on the 2nd of December, a week before my birthday which is on the 10th.












My hair is definitely a lot darker though, and dye was used so the blonde isn’t going to be all the way back when it does fade, and to be honest it feels weird to see my hair darker since it’s been so long, but I was just bored of being blonde. I was going through old photos of myself when I had dark hair and I was wishing for it again, but I didn’t want to go back to my natural colour because then it really would be a repetitive cycle. So this look really works for me as it’s a happy medium, when the toner on the ends fade, the blonde will be there, but the dark shade of grey/brown will remain on top.



We also didn’t use any bleach

Yeah, no bleach was used at all. My roots are my natural colour, and eventually they’ll be far down enough for the ombre that I originally wanted to pretty much be there anyway. I want to steer away from bleach for good now, my hair does have some breakage near the front and this has definitely been because of all of the bleaching, heat and chemicals it’s had on it.

I have quite long layers in my hair, I like the texture that layers gives it and it also makes it look a lot less fried too (lol).

I’ve been wanting to keep my grey whilst also straying away from the blonde for good for a little while now, and a root drag seemed like the smart way to go.

I did get a lot of comments at work saying how nice it looks and some people noticed the very subtle ombre.