For my birthday this year I decided to take four nights in Lisbon. When I originally booked this trip, I decided I wasn’t going to take my camera with me and I was just going to enjoy it through my iPhone lens, but after some convincing I decided why not take my camera and take advantage of having something real cool to photograph for a change? So, here are some snippets from my four nights in Lisbon.

I’ve never been to Manchester Airport before, but thanks to Monarch closing down earlier on in the year, the only direct flight available to Lisbon was from Manchester. Although the airport is quite pretty and the Duty Free is alright, it’s super unorganised and I was losing patience a little bit. Then my flight was delayed for an hour, but since I wasn’t aware of this since we were actually sitting on the plane waiting and nobody said anything, I didn’t get the chance to give a heads up.

Well I got there safely anyway, met up with Pedro in the airport and we made our way to our Air BnB. Conveniently it was right in Downtown Lisbon, so we didn’t have to walk very far to get dinner or to go and do a little sight seeing.

The Air BnB itself was very pretty, it had a cute vintage style to it, but it was in an old building so it got quite cold at night and at one point I ended up wearing Pedro’s onesie, he’s 6’2 and I am 4’11, so you can imagine how silly I looked.

I did really like where we were staying though, the high ceilings and wooden framed windows made the building look quite special, we didn’t spend too much time in the Air Bnb though and we didn’t have to meet up with our host to get the keys which was a mega bonus since I hate those types of interactions.



Love the Basement Hoodie? I wrote about it last year








There was loads of pretty Christmas lights up all around Downtown and it was very festive. It made where I live look shockingly bad actually!

The first night we just went and had a McDonalds and had a look in some shops and went back to the Air BnB and watched some movie from the 80s with a young Kiera Knightley until it was time for bed. I was pretty exhausted from being up since 4am and I was just grateful to see a bed.

Then Sunday was my birthday. I wrote a post talking all about it yesterday so go and give that a read to see what we got up to, but to summarise it, it was a really great day and Pedro was so sweet and made me feel so lucky.

Turning twenty felt pretty weird to begin with, but I’m still the same person, and my day was so so good.

We had to take the subway to get to a few places, it got very busy at some points and all I could think was “I’ve never seen the trains like this at home,” – some could argue against that, since I live in a city that doesn’t use trains as a means for major public transportation, but it did get very busy and very hot.










Then on Monday we went to see the castle

There’s a big castle in Lisbon that you could see from where we were staying. Pedro pointed it out to me when we were walking into the shops on my birthday and asked me if I wanted to go to it, so on Monday we did. It was loads of fun and we got a good view from it too, it was both of our first times there so it was a good first experience for both of us, but there was loads of steep staircases so we took it pretty slow because someone (me) is known for being quite clumsy. Didn’t want to fall and break a bone or something.

I left my camera with Pedro for the majority of the Castle visit actually, he took some really good photos for me to use on my blog, but I found the visit so interesting. We were cracking jokes whenever we noticed something modern and we could definitely tell who the bloggers were, or at least the social media enthusiasts, make shift photo shoots were happening.

When we were getting to the castle we had to take two elevators, but Pedro wanted to show me a street he likes so we walked all the way back down, but it honestly didn’t even feel like it took us very long to get back down, and we did take a few detours.

The street he took me to was really cool, the walls were covered in street art and it did seem quite popular since there was a lot of people behind us taking photos, and when I checked Instagram later on there were thousands of photos.




My Instagram

I had a really fun time with Pedro in Lisbon

I was genuinely sad coming home, the few days that I spent in Lisbon were amazing, the city is beautiful and I do really want to return.

If you told me last year that I’d be hopping on a plane and spending a few nights in Lisbon, I’d probably have told you to shut up. This was a big thing for me, and the pay off from going was well worth it.

I had a lot of fun, and we had a lot of laughs – like, a lot of laughs. I’m genuinely surprised we didn’t get complaints from the neighbours because of how much we’d be laughing all night over stupid things.

I already miss being in Lisbon. I love all of the photos that we took, I loved being spoiled for a few days and I genuinely enjoyed just being in the city and spending time with Pedro.

I do strongly recommend Lisbon to anybody who hasn’t been, it is very lovely.


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