It’s the start of December, which means it’s the start of Blogmas. To open up my 25 days of blog posts, I’m just going to be giving you a little guide of what my month has in store for me, and what Blogmas has in store for my blog.

You could call this a cop out of a blog post, because it’s really easy. But I also feel like it’s a good way to get myself excited about whats to come this month, as I’m writing this, at the end of October, I’m feeling a little eager for December, I’m wishing we could skip November completely to be honest.


So, what’s going on in my personal life this month?

Birthdays, Christmas – oh and a little trip. This month I turn twenty years old. Twenty. Gone are the years of being a teenager, gone are the days of having an excuse for why I can be so irresponsible, and gone are the days of being looked at as a child, (well probably not but I can only hope).

For my birthday, I’m going away on a little trip to Lisbon. You’ll see more about that at the time, I have a few posts in mind for it, but I cannot wait. I’m really looking forward to going, especially since my plans are definitely suited to cater to what I like to do during a “holiday”.

When I get back, it’ll only be a few days until Mia, my younger sister, turns fourteen. I remember being fourteen like it was yesterday, not the most fun times in my life but definitely a time in my life where I started to grow up a little bit.

Then – christmaaaas! I’m not actually that excited for it this year (lol), but I love Christmas day for food, family, gifts and the TV isn’t utterly shocking. I also love to see my families reactions when they open up the gifts I brought them, it just fills me with happiness knowing that I got them a gift they deserve.










So, what’s in store for my blog this month?

To open up blogmas, I have this blog post. I was going to go down the route of gift ideas, and things like that, but I think most newbies (like myself), to blogmas go down that route, and I don’t want to make the whole theme of my blogmas be centered around just Christmas, I want it to be 25 days worth of posts you can come back and read in August or February, you know?

So, on my blogmas agenda, I have travel posts about my stay in Lisbon to look forward to, I have a few beauty blog posts, some reviews (going back to my roots), and thought pieces. Because just lately, I love writing blog posts where I’ve put thought into it. I love writing down whats in my mind onto the page and lately I’ve been finding them a lot more enjoyable to write instead of my old school product reviews and beauty posts, there’s just a lot more joy in it for me and it feels a lot more meaningful as well.

I’ve also decided to put a little Christmassy banner at the top of the webpage, for a bit of cheesiness and because I really want to get into the festive spirit on here. If all of this sounds good to you then stay tuned and check my social media pages for updates on when a blog post goes live.









Why did I decide to do blogmas this year?

I’d been thinking about it a lot throughout the year actually, I wanted to participate in it last year but it felt pointless since I was already daily blogging to get my blog momentum going, and it would’ve just been your every day blog post from me with blogmas slapped on it. Since this year I scaled back on the amount of blog posts that were being produced weekly, I decided it’d be a good idea to give blogmas a go this year, because, it would be Blogmas.

Of course, I was uncertain about participating so I did an instagram poll, where the majority voted for me to do it. Then I also had some convincing off friends when I said, “Oh but if I’m away whilst blog posts are meant to go up, how will I know they’re up and how will I know I’m pleased with them before they do go up?” the solution was pretty simple: Just finish up before you go away. So, hopefully you’ll enjoy what comes out.

I don’t know if this will become a little tradition on my blog though or if this is a one off. We’ll see how much I enjoy doing blogmas this year.

I hope you enjoy my 25 days of posts!



  1. December 1, 2017 / 11:41 am

    Great idea not making all your blogmas posts about Christmas, after all, not everyone is as excited about Christmas as me! I’m really looking forward to following your blogmas journey. Goodluck

    Ffi | The Essence of Red

    • Georgia
      December 3, 2017 / 11:59 am

      Thank you!

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