It’s Christmas Day! Which means I have completed Blogmas and we’re all opening our presents and spending time with our families. So, with that, Merry Christmas, I hope you’re having or have had a brilliant day. 

Now that I have completed blogmas, I don’t need to worry about getting a blog post up every day (lol), but also, I’m signing off. Until the New Year, so, next week basically. I found getting blogmas finished to be quite stressful and I don’t even know why since I started it back in October, so having a break for a few days and getting back into my mojo ready for 2018 seems like the way to go.

I wanted to successfully finish blogmas as a point to prove to myself. Last year I wrote a blog post every single day and I was getting so stressed and in over my head that my content was being affected, and to be honest, it was quite crap. This year I took a step back, a major step back, and had a blog post go up sometimes only once a week. It made all of the difference, but I wanted to prove to myself that planning ahead for something like blogmas could be fun and I could do it for just one month of the year. However, I found it daunting and coming up with 25 ideas for one month felt like a huge task. Not because first world problems and all that, but because after a while, you run out of ideas. Especially when you’re getting blog posts ready for before blogmas too.

I went on an inspiration hunt and found a few bloggers that really had their ish together. I felt all sorts of colourful and inspired and it made the latter part of November easy to blog for me, and I even started to feel excited about the New Year so I could really push some good content out during 2018.

Of course, I don’t want this blog post to be totally negative so I want to deter the topic from me moaning about how hard I found blogging for the last month or so, and so I want to talk about the good that doing blogmas has done for me, I’m genuinely very excited.



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I’m excited to blog. I feel like blogmas taught me a massive lesson, and to be honest, I’m ready to do it again next year. I’ll get my posts ready way in advance though since I don’t even think two months was enough time to get these posts ready, amazingly. Blogmas has also made me want to take a long hard look at what kind of content I want to push out. If you’ve been a regular reader or you’ve just had a gander through my blog and had a look at some old posts, you’ll notice I’ve stopped doing so much beauty and fashion related blog posts. There is a reason for this. I’ve spoken about it before, but I wanted my blog to be an interesting read and I think my choice to do this has shown in my statistics and feedback. But it was blogmas that did this for me. When I was trying to come up with ideas I realised how impossible it is to do lookbook after lookbook and makeup look after look when you’re a budget blogger such as myself (cause surprise! I’m not loaded), and then I decided that my blogmas wasn’t going to be totally Christmas related. I want you to go back and read these posts in August, and feel like its still relatable to the time. Obviously this one and any that are blatantly Christmas related won’t be, but you know what I mean.

Signing off will be a good thing

I think most bloggers will relate to this next sentence: There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t log into my dashboard to check stats and start a new draft. I even managed to get into the habit of using my lunch breaks at work to write blog posts. So, signing off for the next 6 days and not checking my stats and starting a new draft for these 6 days will be like a mini break, my Christmas holiday from my blogging?

But, if you’re a blogger, I think you should also do this. Sign off for a few days, get back into your mojo and start fresh in the new year. Most of us have a 1st January post ready anyway so we don’t even need to worry about that. Indulge in all the chocolate you were gifted and spend time with family and friends until you’re ready to get back into starting a new draft six days from now.






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Okay, so I don’t just want to talk about signing off. Here’s a truth: I left a section of this blog post for me to finish on Christmas Day. If you’ve been keeping up with my blogmas, then you know this post has gone up considerably later than all of the rest. That’s because I wanted to talk about my Christmas day and share some photos. So let’s begin.

Christmas this year was a little bit more special than usual

Because my sister has a child now. The spark and the magic of Christmas kind of vanished as the three of us all grew up, I certainly became a little bit more grinch like towards the holiday because I just didn’t see the hype. We have a baby in the mix now, and we want it to be special for her and we want her to have a fab day.

She’s only a few months old so the concept of Santa Claus and his elves isn’t something that she’s aware of just yet, but watching her amazement at the wrapping paper, seeing her new toys and even seeing her dressed up in a little Santa Claus dress made the day have feeling again.

My family also all sat around the table together, this is something we don’t typically do in our every day routine, I eat my dinner upstairs and my parents and Mia sit in the back room watching the TV, so to sit together on Christmas feels a little bit more important than it probably should, but we played guessing games and opened Christmas crackers, and had our dinner in a serve-yourself style, so we could put as much on our plates as we wanted to.







Christmas this year was a lot better than last year

I’m not saying last year was crap, because it wasn’t, it just wasn’t as special. My nan was away on a holiday, and we didn’t have the baby, even though we all knew that Lauren was pregnant.

I looked back at some photographs from last year too, and the whole vibe just wasn’t as special looking as it was this year, I was really pleased to be able to spend time with everyone.

As for gifts, I had some really nice presents given to me this year, from a new much needed hairdryer to a vanity mirror that I can do my makeup in, as well as lots of little trinkets and sweeties for me to indulge on. I’m very grateful for all of the presents that I was given, and everybody was so kind.




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So, what about next year?

Well now we have next year to look forward to. We have the New Year coming up and 2018 will hopefully be a great year, and if it isn’t, hopefully we will be able to pull through the other side.

2017 for me was a good year, the middle and end half of the year especially as I have said several times. I enjoyed my time this year and I feel very grateful for the fact that I have been able to.

I am signing off for a week now, but I will be back on New Years Day with a fresh post, I hope that everybody had a great Christmas day with their family or their friends, and I hope that you all have a fantastic New Year.

I’ll see you next year! 😉


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