This year I decided that I wanted change. I wanted change on my blog, I wanted change in my personal style and I wanted change to my surroundings. Some things I couldn’t change, but the things that I did, I’m glad about.

I’m hoping that 2018 will be a good year for me, I’m hoping that I will continue to grow and change for the better, and the four things that I noticed that I changed this year have all benefitted me mentally and probably even benefitted my blog too.

I’m genuinely really pleased with my 2017, the middle half and last half of the year have been the best parts of the year for me, but I feel like personally had a good year.

 I Let Go Of Grudges

Something I’m quite good at, is keeping a grudge. I had a lot of anger in me towards a lot of things, and a few people, over silly things that happened a long time ago or over silly things that the person probably didn’t even remember doing.

With anger, comes resentment, and with that, you become unlikable. I had a good hard look at myself, accepted genuine and heartfelt apologies and moved on without holding a grudge. Even things that weren’t apologized for that I felt annoyed over, I just let go.

It felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders and to be honest, made my friendships improve a little. Recognising this flaw of mine made a huge impact on my overall mood towards life as well, I found myself enjoying doing activities with other people a lot more, and I felt generally a lot more relaxed. It felt pretty important to me this year to become a better person – it’s so cliche, but I don’t want to be the reason that somebody else feels bad.




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I changed the way that I blog

Whether this has been noticed or not, I’ve changed the way I blog. I’ve changed how frequently I blog, how my blog posts look and the style of photos I take. It was weighing on my mind for a long time that I just wasn’t happy with my space on the internet, my content felt the same and I just didn’t feel like I was evolving or making any progress, which then made me feel a little unmotivated and I just couldn’t be bothered with getting a post written and uploaded.

Then I found a few new blogs and got inspired. This was all there was to my change. I found a bunch of blogs on Twitter, realized that there was more to blogging than reviewing the hot new product that everyone is lusting after and I made a gradual change to my content. Starting with how often I post. As I said in a recent Instagram post, my posts have been far and few these past few months. Mostly because I was working on it, and I also decided to do blogmas this year and since I was making changes to my content, it meant totally changing 95% of the posts I’d already finished and it has taken a lot of time to do. So pro tip in case you’re doing blogmas next year: Make sure you’re sure about your content before you start the challenge.

I decided to start doing things because I just wanted to

I’m the type of person who will have an idea in her mind for a long time, and it could be a really great idea of something I really want to do, whether it’s on my blog or something to gain a little bit of life experience, and I’ll come up with a hundred reasons why I can’t and shouldn’t do it.

So this year I decided to think, screw it! I’m doing it. I often forget that I’m an adult and there’s literally nothing stopping me from doing things that I want to do. If I decided to go backpacking tomorrow for 6 months, nobody could stop me, or if I decided that I wanted to shave all my hair off, who’s to tell me no?

This was probably a late revelation since it’s normally in your teen years when you come to the sudden realization that everything you want to do is possible. I’m twenty years old and only realized it this year. Sooo…




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I prioritized self care a little more

Your body is your home. It’s the only thing you’ll have for your entire life, and it’s something that a lot of us have taken for granted. So this year I started to prioritize self care more, whether I started to exfoliate more regularly or I picked up a book every now and then and spent a few hours offline, self care became a priority.

I’ve slipped into bad habits a lot, and I’ve kicked routines in the bin and I’ve given up trying on things I once cared about, including myself. So I checked myself. I went through my blog to when I first started and noticed that back then, even though my content had little to no substance, I seemed to take a lot more care of myself and was a lot more enthusiastic about my outer appearance and my health both physically and mentally. I wondered where this stopped, and what went wrong, but I think it was just a bit of laziness and confusion. So this year, I stopped doing the things I hated, took a break from blogging for two weeks and just de-stressed. Super important, and made all the difference, because I noticed that I started to care a little more about my outer appearance again, and during these past few weeks I’ve even started a mini fashion and personal style over-haul.

So… What now?

Well these are just four changes I made. I still have plenty of room for self improvement and I have a whole year ahead of me now to continue to improve my content, do things I want to do and take care of myself.

In 2018 I’m definitely making my blog a priority again, I want to improve my photography as well as my written content, and I actually want to get back to my “roots” a little bit and produce more fashion and beauty content. My blog is nowhere near perfect, and as I’m the one writing it, in my opinion, it never will be, but I’m very eager about getting better at this, it’s my most valued and hard worked on project.

As far as my personal life goes, the older I’m getting the less of a damn I’m giving about the unimportant things in life and the more attention I’m paying to the things that do matter. I feel like this year has been a huge learning curve for me, and even though I don’t sing my own praises often, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of this whole ~self improvement~ jazz.





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