This year really picked up for me, and I feel like I found a lot of things to love this year that I hadn’t the year before. I also feel like I’ve discovered myself. There were less phases and impulses, and more doing things for me and because I wanted to. Here’s what I loved in 2017.

Let’s start off with music…

Music was big this year, and I found a ton of new artists who I have fallen head over heels for. This is partly thanks to Spotify and my shared playlist, but I had a great year with music.

Jay Som

Everybody Works is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2017, The Bus Song is up there as one of my favourites and after seeing her KEXP performance I’m desperate to see Jay Som live. I was confused to begin with whether it was just a band or a solo artist, and even though she has a band behind her, she’s definitely a solo artist and she’s so good.

Mac DeMarco

If you know me and you know me well, you know that Mac DeMarco is one of my favourite artists and I follow him very closely. He released This Old Dog this year and even though it’s not my favourite album of his, it’s got some of my favourite Mac songs on there. I just think he’s a genuinely really cool guy and his music kicks ass.


Pvris released AWKOHAWNOH this year, and again, up there as one of my favourite 2017 albums. I also got to see them live in November and honestly, they were so good, Lynns vocals live are so beautiful and they do put on a genuinely really great show.


I found Pinegrove a year or two ago, I immediately fell in love with their sound and have kept an eye on them ever since. They didn’t release a full length album this year but they did release an infectious single (that I’ve listened to more times than I can count), I’m eager for more new music from Pinegrove, definitely check them out.

Touche Amore

At the beginning of the year I got to see Touche Amore live. It was probably one of the best lives that I’ve been to, and considering I’ve been listening to this band for years it was definitely on my bucket list to see them. They didn’t release new music this year, but deserved a mention just from how good their performance was.




I didn’t actually have many fashion favourites this year, I don’t think I kept as close an eye on the fashion world this year as I have done previously. I’ve been more interested in a lot of other different things, and it showed a little on my blog, but I did have new clothes and accessories that I now feel like I can’t live without so here they are.


I’ve been wearing my Vans a lot this year. The Old Skool ones and the Peanuts Collection ones that I raved about back in August. I also wore my black and white Old Skool Vans throughout my entire trip when I was visiting Lisbon.

Basement Hoodie

I wore this so much this year. I wore it every day when I was in Lisbon, and I wore it pretty much any time I left the house when the weather got colder. I’ve also expressed my love for this hoodie in a blog post, but it deserved a mention.

Mustard Anything

I wore a lot of mustard coloured things this year, jumpers, accessories, you name it, I bought it. Even in Portugal I couldn’t resist a mustard t-shirt. It was a nice splash of colour to my all-black wardrobe.


I wore a lot of rings this year. My favourite ring was one I bought about two years ago, it has a little pink gem in it and it’s one of the only rings I have that fits me so perfectly, not too tight nor a little too loose.

Grey hair

I dyed my hair grey this year, and even though now I’m a touch over it, I liked it a lot and I had it on and off throughout the entire year.





My life this year didn’t change dramatically, but a lot has happened and I’m genuinely feeling so happy. This year for me was based around growing up. I felt like I was stuck last year in a bit of a rut, I didn’t know what to do with myself and I wasn’t sure of who I was. It showed in my writing that I was feeling uncertain about a lot of things and I was trend hopping like a maniac.

My niece was born

You’ve probably seen my niece featuring around my Instagram a few times, I haven’t really posted photos of her on here though just out of respect for Lauren, but yes, I have a niece now. Waiting for her to be born was torture, I dread to think how Lauren was feeling, but we also had a lot of fun during Laurens pregnancy, with her baby shower and seeing her bump get bigger and bigger. When we look back at photos of Lauren, I always find myself shocked and saying something like, “I don’t remember you being that big!” Lauren is a terrific mum though, she does such a great job and the baby is truly loved by all of us.

I stopped worrying so much

I decided to stop stressing out over the opinions of others so much this year. Even though other peoples opinions are important to me, especially when I want feedback on my blog, I was stressing over silly things where other peoples opinions shouldn’t matter so much. I’m quite proud of myself for overcoming a self flaw without agonising over it like I usually would. I am a lot more relaxed now, and I find myself writing more naturally.

Turning 20

I turned 20! Gone are the days of being a teenager. I’ve spoken so much about my age this month but it’s mostly down to the fact that I’m just so so thrilled to be over my teen years. I did have a mini existential crisis and I did the whole “I’m getting so old!” spiel to basically everybody, but part of me was excited to leave my teens behind, I didn’t enjoy being a teenager to be honest and I’m glad to have those years behind me.

Trip to Lisbon

I’m featuring this in my favourites because it was the best trip I’ve ever been on. I loved the city, loved the company and really enjoyed writing about it too. I won’t go on and on about it too much because there’s loads of blog posts on it that you can go back and read, but Lisbon is truly a very pretty city and I am planning on going again.


So this year I had a lot of new bloggers to read, thanks to Twitter mostly. I found a lot of new ladies who have genuinely captivated my interest. I felt inspired by their writing and it definitely affected mine.


I can’t remember when exactly I found Holly, but I was drawn to her because of her style, and stayed reading her blog because of her content. I definitely enjoy reading her blog for how laid back her writing style is and for her more “serious” posts. She’s definitely a blogger to keep an eye out for in 2018.


Jess is somebody who I’ve actually been following for a while, but I never went through with reading her blog until I followed her Twitter page, and it didn’t take me long to realise that I’d been missing out. I love her more alternative style and how colourful she is, she’s one of the few predominantly fashion bloggers who I have stayed interested in and still read.


I found Ericas blog last year, and stayed for her beautiful photography and travel blog posts. I love the photography on EggCanvas, it’s so pretty and I also love Ericas fashion sense. I regularly check out EggCanvas to see when the site has a new article up because I just love to look at the photography and read about her trips and the events that she has attended.


Lizzy has a beautiful blog, and I genuinely really love her style of blogging. I love how she doodles over her photography, how she muses over life and has a genuine love for fashion and her blog. Her blog definitely stands out against the crowd, I’ve been loving it this year.


…And you!

The people who have been reading my blog this year, those who have given support on Twitter and the ever so dreadful Instagram (gooodbye engagement!), it’s meant so much to me since as you know, I felt like my blog was just terrible at one point. I’m really pleased with the direction in which it’s heading now, and I’m so grateful for kind tweets and comments. I hope 2018 is a good year for all of us, and even though Blogmas isn’t over for me until tomorrow, I would just like to say Merry Christmas as well!


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