I’ll do it tomorrow has become a term that I’ve been saying far too often. When it comes to blogging, or anything, I’ve really fallen into a bad habit of doing it tomorrow and tomorrow being never. I’ve become aware of this about myself, I’m usually a doer. I have an idea, I want to get on with it right now so why has my mind suddenly decided, nope, you’re doing it tomorrow? I’m breaking out of this bad habit, and I’ve decided to start doing things now.

But before I talk about how and why I’ve decided to motivate myself, start doing things now and put myself in my own place, I want to talk about why I’ve even got myself into this position, and to be honest, I think it’s been a lack of inspiration and a lack of self confidence lately. I started to realise a lot of things about the blogger world, and I noticed a lot of bloggers progressing, improving, and making a stand, which made me feel a little bit left behind.

Motivating myself is the trickiest

I think my issue here stems from a lack of motivation lately. I normally fall into this slump around this time of the year and even though I anticipate it and plan on not letting it get to me, I always somehow find a way into my Autumn coma.

It starts off with chocolate, movies and bed. It ends in misery, wishing I’d done more and self loathing. It’s a vicious cycle and I wanted to break out of it. To motivate myself, I’ve been setting loads of alarms in a morning, they’re so annoying that they wake me up out of just sheer anger, not the best way to start my day but hey ho, I’m out of bed and not skipping breakfast, so it works. I started implementing this only a week ago, but it’s made a difference and I’m not staying in bed until noon which I can appreciate. I then load up my Macbook, and I proceed to get into a social media wormhole. Another tricky challenge to get out of.

This ones pretty easy though, just don’t go on social media. Get my jobs done, like finishing a blog post or editing some photos I took for a blog post, respond to emails if I have any that need responding to, and then proceed to enter my social media worm hole.










But not being lured into the social media trance isn’t as easy as it sounds. The first thing most of us do when we wake up is check our phone notifications to see if we’ve had any likes or retweets over night, and it’s easy to unlock your phone and scroll Facebook for an hour before actually waking up and getting out of bed. I’ve actually stopped doing this on the days that it counts, like when I have to wake up for work, but when I don’t have to wake up I can spend hours browsing Instagram before I actually wake up and start my day. I always end up regretting this when lunch time comes and I don’t feel like I’ve got anything done in the day.

It’s the thought of doing it that I dread, not the doing it


Once I’m actually up and writing, I get into it and I actually tend to struggle to stop writing. It’s the getting myself mentally prepared to come up with a blog idea and to then go on and start writing it. I can easily finish a blog post once I’ve started writing it.


To be honest, I do fall victim to the self comparisons. I read other girls’ blogs and I start to feel like my content isn’t that great, which results in me having a hard time pressing ‘edit’ on a draft and finishing a post I started two weeks ago. But lately I’ve been trying to stem this into being a strength as well, if I don’t feel like my content is good enough, why can’t I use that negative feeling and turn it into a positive, work on my content to my full potential, take my time writing posts and kick myself into gear?

I feel like I have a lot of bloggers to thank this year. Everyone has been pumping out excellent thought provoking content which made me realise how behind I was in my own goals. It made me realise that my content wasn’t standing out, and I stopped wondering why? so much and started to take my blog more seriously than ever.










So I’m using 3 simple steps to make tomorrow, today

The first being: Just get on with it. There’s always a reason why it has to be tomorrow. Lately I’ve been writing blog posts even without having any photos ready, this means that I’m just using placeholder images but it’s definitely motivating me to get a post written, and the photos taken when I can. I’m also stopping the severe self comparisons. This is the biggest setback that I have, I’m going to use the bloggers who I feel a little envious of to motivate me and get me put into my own place. Finally, I’m blogging whenever I can. As in, if an idea suddenly comes to me I’m going to get right to it instead of leaving it until tomorrow. If I can get myself head first into the writing pit without a big build up, it’ll work wonders for my motivation and making tomorrow become today.

So, I’ll do it tomorrow? No, I’ll do it now. Now is the only time that I can make change and now is the only time that I can give myself a kick up the arse and get into gear.


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