When I realised that blogging wasn’t necessarily doing anything for me back in August, I was on holiday with my family in Benidorm. I was thinking about it for a lot of the trip, I was wondering why I wasn’t as into it anymore and I was wondering why I was having such a hard time getting inspired and writing content. Then it hit me: I hadn’t found my blogging sweet spot. 

I’ve noticed that all bloggers who are vocal about enjoying what they do, have all sorted themselves into a niche whether they realise it or not. They’ve all got something to talk about. After I got home, I spent my first day back in my own bedroom reading through my posts and pin pointing exactly what I didn’t like about my blog. There’s all sorts of things I came up with and I didn’t know why I had taken so long to notice it. I then started scrolling through Twitter searching for new bloggers to find, new ladies to inspire me and new niches to find. I just wanted to see what everyone else was doing and to see where was going wrong.

It didn’t take me long to notice that half of the bloggers that I was genuinely interested in, whose content spoke to me and who I was eager to read from, all of them, didn’t sort into one specific “niche” per se, but their blogs within themselves were quite niche. These ladies were talking about an array of topics, it was clear to see who their demographic was and it was quite easy to relate to them. All of them were clear and vocal about what they were trying to convey to you in their posts and all of them knew what it was they wanted to say.

When I came back onto my blog, I realised a pattern in my quality. My posts were getting shorter and the way I laid an article out was boring. I questioned: If I was a reader, would I stay tuned on my own blog?

Unsurprisingly the answer was no.

What could I do to change my answer from no to yes?

Simple. Write about things that I wanted to write about, not things that I felt like I had to write about. Talk about things because I had an opinion on them, not because it was trendy in pop culture. Write about fashion if I’m really feeling an outfit or a specific garment, or write about my random thoughts because I want somewhere to articulate what is going on in my brain.

So, I decided to just start writing drafts. I was writing and writing and eventually I had enough posts that I was pleased with to actually begin posting them. Of course, when I read them back, many things needed tweaking and photographs needed taking, but overall, the things I had written about I was pleased with.

I began asking my friends to help me too. I think it’s important to not do this on your own you see, I think it’s easy to get into a comfortable position where you think your own posts are genuinely really good, and you like your own opinions and you like the way you write them down, you’re not going to be looking for the faults in them. So I began to send my friends my drafts (with their permission of course), and it was then that I began getting genuinely good constructive criticisms. They’d point out grammatical errors and point out in places where I’d made a contradiction, or they’d give me ideas of points to include and things to take out. Ever since I felt like my friends were my saving grace, the people to tell me when I’ve done quite a rubbish job, I made a habit to ask specific people to read my drafts. I have to say, it’s been working out for the better. I could ask people on Twitter or on Facebook what they think of my content in a poll, but sometimes a poll just isn’t enough, I want real sentences written out for me with a genuine opinion, my friends provide that for me and I love it. I’d also love it if someone sent me a DM on Twitter with some neat constructive criticisms too because if it’s helping my content, I’m up for it.

I feel a lot more passionate lately, I feel like I have things I want to write about, I started working on Blogmas at the end of August and I feel like the content I’ve been writing for Blogmas has been pretty good and it’s almost like the beginning of a new thing for my blog. I’ve been looking forward to Blogmas actually because I wanted to push my old content as far back as possible to be frank.

When I first began blogging, I wanted to be predominantly a fashion and beauty blog. I was studying fashion at the time and I was just getting into make up and beauty products thanks to making a more girly-girl friend. I was also into YouTubers a lot back then too and it all looked so very appealing to me. I’ve taken two breaks in the space of nearly three years of blogging. I find it quite embarrassing. Needing a break is okay and taking many is fine, but for someone who has always had a passion for writing and has always found writing to be easy, I find myself embarrassing. Not to you. But to myself.

I probably give myself a really hard time when it comes to this though. You could argue that I take it far too seriously and there’s more to life than worrying about getting a blog post up on the internet. But it’s important to me. I think about it more than I think about what to have for tea tonight, and I think about how to improve none stop. I’ve found my blogging sweet spot.

So what is it?

Writing about everything. Yep. Everything. You’ve probably noticed it if you read on here regularly, there’s been a shift in the topics I talk about. I’m quite pleased with the way it’s been going too. I decided to start talking about things sex related, because well, I’m human and I like reading about sex. Not just the act of it, but everything surrounding it. I began that little segment on my post by talking about Sexual Education in schools and there’s more to come on it during Blogmas and in January.

I’ve also decided to start opening up about my social opinions, such as feminism, because I am an opinionated person. If I get onto a topic with my friends that I’m quite passionate about or interested in, I’m the person writing paragraphs full of her views and I try to articulate my points in a way that keeps the conversation flowing, not by killing it, but I understand that sometimes that can probably be a little bit overbearing, so why not use a platform that I’ve created for myself already to write as much as I want guilt-free?

I think that I’ve just made blogging out to be this big deal in my mind, trying too hard to be like the bloggers who “made it”, when they “made it” by being themselves, so why not try my hand at just being myself and writing about what I’m more interested in. I can review a lipstick or an eyeshadow palette, and I probably will again in the future, but right now that’s not where my heart is at. I want to interest you, I want to open up a conversation with you and express myself. I also want to encourage you as well as myself with my writing.








I know I’m probably repeating the words of a thousand bloggers before me, because all of us go through existential crisis’ and rebrand ourselves all the time, but being able to plainly say it also gives me the opportunity to be more frank about it. And I’m going to just say it now: My blog has been terrible. It has been. I’ve privated so many posts because they were just utterly crap and I didn’t relate to them at all. I want you to be on my blog for longer than a hot minute, is what I’m trying to say.

So, now that it’s out there in plain sight, I really do hope that people like what I have to say, I hope that you enjoy my take on Blogmas and I hope that you’re not bored to death of the constant changes I make around here, because I’ve been feeling really good about my blog since August and I’d love this streak to continue.


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