I recently had my hair toned Grey (it’s actually more purple though which I loove), for the third time, and I went out straight after to get some shopping done. When I was in one shop, the sales assistant asked me how I got to it. “I just bleached and toned it. I go blonde first and then tone it grey.” Her face said it all: Pure annoyance. 

She went on to tell me how much she has been struggling to get her hair to go grey, it’s a mission to go blonde but grey is next level. It’s true in one way, I had always intended on going grey when I first went blonde, I did leave it a few months before toning it though because I knew going from a dark brunette colour to grey wasn’t going to happen overnight. The blonde didn’t really, that took three attempts and a whole lot of bleach.

So here is some truths about grey hair that girls don’t really talk about.

Toner is known for not lasting long, so what makes you think grey toner will?

Grey hair is sooo goals, right? Eh, yeah if you have £60 to spend every three weeks. Grey toner doesn’t last long depending on how frequently you wash you hair, and for me it’s normally two and a half to three weeks before my grey toner is totally gone. I try not to wash my hair so frequently when I go grey too because I never want it to go away, but I also don’t like going and getting my hair damaged some more until my roots have grown out a bit. It looks good, but it doesn’t last.

If I won the lottery, it’d all go on bleach.

If you’re a natural bleach blonde, fair game honey your roots aren’t going to be damaged! If like me, you’re naturally pretty dark, well, get ready to fry your roots every month and get bleach all over your hair! Fun. This whole thing is costly and depending on where you go, it can get very expensive. I’m lucky that my salon is affordable and doesn’t rinse my pockets, but some salons ask for a lot when you want your hair bleaching.

Your grey won’t be like every Instagram models.

If your hair has some ginger hues, or you’re more of a “dirty blonde”, then you’re going to notice your grey will go pretty dark and close to a green. If your hair is platinum blonde or just really blonde, the toner may go a little lighter. I know the sample that I saw when I was choosing my grey was a lot lighter, but when it went in my hair it went a bit of a lilac tone too.

Your orange disagrees.

Like I just said, if you have more of an orange hue in your hair, the grey may not take to it so well. Best to take your time with this look and be patient, don’t rush into it.

Trends come and go.

Just like most things are – this is a trend. Don’t be too bummed out if you can’t hop on the hype wagon, it’s not the end of the world. You may find yourself glad in a few years time that you didn’t get on this old lady trend. Grey hair is cool now, but in a few years time it might be as bad as scene kid hair to look at.

At the end of the day, grey hair is something I’m glad I tried out. It was different for me, the whole blonde thing was different for me, but I’m ready for change now. I’m going to be going dark the next time I get my hair done, I want to try out a new look and see what else lies in store for me.



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