The transition from Summer to Autumn is always fun, throughout September you start to get into Autumn and introduce your Autumn routine back into your life. Warmer clothes, a different skin routine and some fun makeup looks are some “perks” of Autumn. It’s been a really long time since I wrote up a monthly favourites, I realised my routine for the most part was staying the same and I was using a lot of the same things throughout the months, so now that I’ve left it a bit I now actually have acquired quite a few “new” favourites this month.

These are a more recent purchase, but I bought these Cath Kidston bed socks from the new limited edition Peter Pan range that the brand has recently collaborated on with Disney. They are so snug and comfortable and the design on them is so cute. I loved Peter Pan as a kid, and I think Tinker Bell is the bomb, so I’ll be wearing these socks around the house a lot from now on.

The pattern itself is pretty simple and not overboard, I also think these are rightfully called bed socks as there are grips at the bottom of them, you probably wouldn’t want to wear these under a pair of trainers outside.

I bought this highlighter before I went on holiday in August, so technically this is an August favourite too, but I just love it. It’s so pigmented and so affordable from Superdrug. I wear this highlight every time I do a full face of makeup now, and it’s just so good.

I got this shirt on a whim, I saw it on the Drop Dead website and ordered it without thinking too much about it. When it arrived, I knew it was going to be one of those pieces I wear all the time. It’s labelled as oversized but I’d call this more of a batwing, you have loads of space in it and the arms are nice and roomy so you don’t feel bound. I think it just looks really cool and goes well with what I wear anyway. I expected the patch on the models eye to be part of the print, but it’s actually sewn on top of the print and has a lot of loose thread coming out of it to give it that grungy rugged look.

I bought these a little while ago, but felt like they were too dressy for me to wear all the time. Then I ended up totally contradicting that belief and I’ve worn them quite a lot this month. I really love earrings but I always have a hard time finding a pair that don’t aggravate my skin and leave me with sore, red ears. These are perfect for me, they’re not too big and they’re not made out of cheap materials so my ears actually accept them instead of being left raw and red.

These are a classy little timeless piece, and they match every outfit since they’re not trying too hard to be a piece.

So, these were my favourites throughout September. I haven’t done a monthly favourites in forever, so let me know what your favourites of the month were.


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