You’ve known me now for two years, you’ve never seen me get all dolled up and you’re probably used to my “tomboy” (ugh), style. To me, it’s normal, but after searching around the internet this morning for inspiration for a blog post, I saw the phrase used on quite a popular underground magazine website, “Dressing down is the new dressing up,” what do I make of this you ask? 

Frankly speaking, I obnoxiously snorted at first. I’ve been doing this for years to my frustrated mothers discontent, so why is it all of a sudden seen as vogue, #goals and chic for Christ’s sake? But then the inner hipster in me died down a little and my closed mind opened as I continued to read the article, I can see it. I can see why this is a thing.

Think about it, Instagram culture is basically what most millennials are in right now, most of my friends are using the app and even my mum loves the app, and I rarely ever see someone dressed up on the app, perhaps it’s because of the type of fashion I pay the most attention to, but I see Old Skool Vans and cigarette trousers worn with a t-shirt more often than I see someone wearing a sexy LBD. Most of my female friends don’t tend to get dressed up to go out either, I’ve been to clubs wearing trainers and jeans and I haven’t looked totally out of place, and some of my favourite fashion YouTubers advise that dressing comfy is best AKA dressing down.

I’m not saying rock up to your sisters wedding wearing your pyjamas, but I am saying, when was the last time you got dressed up? If it was recently, good for you, honestly, that’s cool, but for me, I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress with high heels, like damn, I can’t even walk in heels.

If dressing down is the new dressing up, you can count me in on this hype train because I’m all for it and I have a sneaky feeling this has been a thing for much longer than popular underground magazine has realised.

To be honest, I don’t think this is completely a new thing. I think that it’s been a trend that’s been slowly yet surely working its way into normality for quite some years. Celebrities such as Grimes, even Jennifer Lawrence, are known for their relaxed looks and blatant disinterest in what’s couture, and these are only recent celebrities. The 90’s and early 00’s is probably where this trend was at its peak, you had Beyonce wearing jeans to award ceremonies and this is something you’d never catch her doing now. However, I think that at some point in time people started taking dressing down as being some sort of lazy approach to fashion which is why it probably seems so ground breaking now even though it definitely isn’t.

So, my take on this is that it’s 2017 and can anybody be bothered to get all dolled up every day of the week anymore? The answer is no, at least for me, and a lot of people I know.