We all know about how much I love Vans, and how often I wear them. Well, when I went on holiday in August I had a somewhat mishap on the airplane which basically involved vomming all over my favourite pair of Vans and ruining them for good. I can’t cope without them, and was cheering for sheer joy when I found a skater shop hidden in an alleyway which was full of the Peanuts x Vans collection. Did I buy myself a pair? You bet I did.

I’ve been eyeing up this pair since the collection came out, but I couldn’t justify spending loads of money on them, but since I was on holiday with plenty of spends, I was like, screw it! I’m getting them.

I wear them all the time now and I’ll definitely be sad when they become unwearable. I definitely need to buy a few more pairs of vans because I wear them so much that a hole right at the front always shows up after about a year of having them, and admittedly, my black pair totally had this before they were showered with vomit. Even though these ones are a few weeks old, and have gotten a bit dirty, they’re definitely my new faves.

I actually really love Peanuts, characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown are the type of comic characters you grow up with and stay with you until you’re well old, I anticipated this collection hoping to grab something from it and I feel really lucky that I did. I even had a free Vans keyring from the store which was an added bonus.

The Old Skool vans have been trendy for a few years now, and whilst this collection has shoes from all of the ranges, it’s the Old Skool designs that are the clear knock outs. When I saw these ones, I was actually hoping that I’d be able to get them, but they did sell out on the website for a brief time and I couldn’t find them anywhere else plus I didn’t want to spend £57 on them just yet, until I went to Benidorm and found them in a remote little Skate shop – which was probably the coolest skate shop I’ve ever been in, it had all sorts of brands from Vans to Stussy. It was kind of like a Spanish skate hut, but sadly I can’t remember the name of it now.

Thanks to finding this shop though, I managed to get an IRL look at the rest of the collection, and I noticed a lot of garments that I thought were really cool too that I now want to buy as well, I think the collection overall is a great take on how to do a nostalgia collection because this is certainly that, and it does a great job of being one. I also was given a free key chain as thanks for buying from this shop, so I was pretty pleased with buying these shoes.


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These Vans have become my daily shoes as well, I wear them with everything because they’re just so comfortable and the design goes well with everything too. I wanted to clean the shoes before I took the photos, but I actually like how they’ve gotten a little bit grubby because it just shows that I have been wearing them a lot, and I also prefer my vans with a little bit of grub on them anyway, I always feel like I have to wear my vans in before I can truly love them.


Vans are the type of shoes that can look good in any outfit, but thanks to the pink fabric on these ones, they give your look a splash of colour, if like me, you tend to wear all black quite often. The splash of pink also looks good if you’re a colourful dresser too, because you can team the shoes up with a bright look, but thanks to there only being a strip of pink and the rest of the shoe being black and white, it’s going to tone it down a little and not make your look too bright.

I would love to get my hands on the rest of the collection, and Vans recently released more shoes and garments to the collection which made me want to spend even more on them. You can find the shoes in your local Vans shop, or the website, as well as in Schuh and Asos.




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