We all know about how much I love Vans, and how often I wear them. Well, when I went on holiday in August I had a somewhat mishap on the airplane which basically involved vomming all over my favourite pair of Vans and ruining them for good. I can’t cope without them, and was cheering for sheer joy when I found a skater shop hidden in an alleyway which was full of the Peanuts x Vans collection. Did I buy myself a pair? You bet I did.

I’ve been eyeing up this pair since the collection came out, but I couldn’t justify spending loads of money on them, but since I was on holiday with plenty of spends, I was like, screw it! I’m getting them.

I wear them all the time now and I’ll definitely be sad when they become unwearable. I definitely need to buy a few more pairs of vans because I wear them so much that a hole right at the front always shows up after about a year of having them, and admittedly, my black pair totally had this before they were showered with vomit. Even though these ones are a few weeks old, and have gotten a bit dirty, they’re definitely my new faves.

I actually really love Peanuts, characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown are the type of comic characters you grow up with and stay with you until you’re well old, I anticipated this collection hoping to grab something from it and I feel really lucky that I did. I even had a free Vans keyring from the store which was an added bonus.

I wear mine with everything so I can’t give any specific tips on what to style them with, but they look good in anything. Old Skool Vans have been pretty “in” for the past few years, and I can see why. They’re both comfortable and stylish, you can completely justify spending nearly £100 on them. The entire peanutsxvans collection is actually really cool, after I bought the shoes I had a look around the store properly, there were so many items from this collection that I just loved, and there were also all sorts of popular skating brands, it was kind of like a Spanish Skate Hut, but I really can’t remember the name of the store now.

I’m going to end up with more from this collection, it’s too cool to not buy anything else.