I can only name a select few brands that I love and adore to the point where I have gone back and bought from them again and again. Lazy Oaf  is in that list of stores.

I find that my taste as I’ve gotten older has pretty much stayed the same but matured at the same time along with me. Lazy Oaf is definitely a brand that has done the same thing, their earlier collections were wacky, original and chic. Now the brand is much more playful, trendy, wacky and still original. I’ve previously bought from Lazy Oaf, it was a beautiful black and white piece last Christmas, it was a treat to myself since I can’t usually justify spending over £40 on one shirt, but I was in need of a good pick me up treat since I was feeling miserable after having my tonsillectomy and that’s what I chose.

This time, it’s because I just couldn’t get this piece out of my mind. It’s an edgy black and grey striped shirt, it’s a loose fit and has a snug oversized appearance and has those famous googly eyes embroidered on the top right breast.



You can find the shirt here for £45












Technically, this is a mens jumper. It’s in the mens section and has a male model wearing it, but I wanted it. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing clothes out of the mens section anyway to be honest and you can’t even tell it’s from the mens section since the design and colour scheme are so neutral.


There are several ways you can wear a piece like this. The model wore it with one of Lazy Oaf’s pleated chain skirts and her look had a sort of modern goth feel to it, I really liked that outfit and wanted to recreate it and the skirt was in my basket too, but at the last second I decided against it. Since it arrived I’ve tried wearing it with a few things, well actually on the day it arrived I tried it with a few things to see what I could do with it. I tried it with my usual go to’s, leggings, skinny jeans and I even tried it with a skirt I already owned, but I think I like this shirt best with my Topshop Jamie Jeans. I generally prefer trainers so of course my vans made the cut with this outfit, but I was slightly worried about the patterns clashing but it seemed to go together okay – hopefully.


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