The year is flying by, before you know it I’ll be saying happy new year, but this time, I’m welcoming Autumn. I’m sad to see the summer go but to be honest, I prefer fashion during the autumn and I prefer the colder weather and wrapping up warm. However, I don’t count down the summer because I also love the hot weather and getting to go outside without a jacket. Anyway, I’ve set myself a few goals this year that I would like to achieve during autumn. Here they are.


Take care of myself

I have a bad habit during the Autumn period of letting myself slip into what I call a “Fall coma”, I stop caring for myself as much and indulge in junk food and movies in bed. This year I want to make the most of the season, I have a few blog ideas floating around in my brain that I definitely want to take action on and I want to give myself some mental space as well and stop getting so into my own head, I’ve been getting better at not doing that lately and I’ve felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, so I want to focus on keeping a clear head as well.

We’ve all been there though, and I think a lot of us go into a fall coma so I’m definitely not alone on this one. I also want to change my hair, bleaching it blonde has kind of killed it a little bit, I get split ends a lot easier now and even though I’ve been getting it trimmed a bit more frequently, I still notice dead hair more than I used to, so I want to go back to a darker colour that doesn’t require killing my hair, since my hair is probably where I get a lot of my confidence from, and I always have done.

Get back into regular blogging

A few weeks ago, I admitted I was going to start relaxing more on the blog. But I don’t want to start going weeks without blogging. So, even though I am relaxing, I am going to try and get at least one blog post up a week.

Regular blogging isn’t giving myself a strict schedule, I want to keep connected with the people that read this blog and take an interest in what it is I have to say on here, but I also don’t want to bend over backwards to make sure that three posts on specific days are going live. I want to be able to have fun on here and not see it as a massive chore, which is also probably why I’m not a full-time blogger haha!

Get my bedroom redecorated

I’m actually already in the process of this. My bedroom is very white, all the furniture and all the walls are just white. It’s looking pretty plain and boring and I’m over it. I’m going to have a lot of fun changing it around since every time I change up my bedroom I get a great sense of satisfaction out of it. It’s also something for me to focus on, which is always good.

Finish my shin

I’m working on getting a full sleeve of tattoos on my left leg, my shin is near enough finished now so I’d like it to be complete before January. If not, then that can be my goal for 2018 haha.









Go to some sick gigs

love concerts, spoken about it before on here and I talk about it a lot on my social media. I have tickets booked to see Pvris in November and hopefully we’ll be seeing some more bands too.

Go up a grade in piano

I’ve been learning piano for quite a few months now, and I really want to advance and go up a grade now. I love my lessons and I do look forward to going every week, and I love the small accomplishments I make every time I practise and every time I go for my lesson, but the biggest accomplishment of all that I’m craving after now, is going up a grade and challenging myself more.

I also would like to teach myself a few songs that aren’t in the classical branch, I like listening to artists that rely on the piano as their “main” instrument and sometimes I think about how cool it must be to play those songs.

Spend my birthday with my good friends

I spent my birthday kind of lonely last year, and made a silent oath to myself to make sure that this year, I do something. Right now, I’m not so sure about what I’m going to be doing, but I know that I want to spend it with people I love and I want to do it differently to how I’ve done it in the past.










These are pretty simple goals, but it’s better to set goals that are achievable instead of ridiculous goals that I’d never get done, right? Setting myself goals also helps me to have some sort of guide lines of things I want to get done, or begin to get done. I’m more of a planner than someone who does things off the bat as well so I always enjoy writing lists and preparing myself.

If you’ve set yourself some goals too, what are they?



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