Sometimes I look at people and I feel green with envy over the thought that he or she is completely true to themselves, I often think, “I wish I could be that cool,” or the very cliche line, “I wish I had their life,” will cross my mind. I often forget that perhaps my internet persona rubs some people the wrong way too, that someone else may have the green bug known as envy on their shoulder from what choose to share online. It’s a vicious cycle, so I’m putting a stop to it, starting with me.

Everyone has insecurities and things in their life they dislike. I don’t think there’s any one person on the planet who thinks they have the best life in the world, but we only get one and this one life given to us is a blessing that we should not waste dwelling on the lives of others, but we need to spend it enjoying ourselves to the fullest and being grateful for what we do have.

I’ve been trying my best to make a conscious effort to be as true to myself as I possibly can be, I’ve started off by just doing the things I feel like doing, whether it’s my appearance or the things I do with my spare time, and to be totally honest, it’s amazing how much my outlook on things has changed. I feel grateful to the fact that I am even able to live a life where I can make this decision on the spot and go through with it anyway, but I feel like my shoulders have had a weight lifted off them that was sitting there quite heavily for the longest time.

Being unapologetically yourself at all times feels like something you only get the privilege of seeing on the big screen in a movie or reading in a manga, it doesn’t feel like something that you can really do. But you can. A lot of us wear masks, we disguise our true selves behind what we thing society wants to see of us. We want to portray ourselves a certain way and hide the quirky and unique things about ourselves because we don’t want to stand out. As sad as this is, it’s a truth. If we take off those masks though, we can be exposed to the beauty and amazingness within ourselves and the world starts to have more colour and you definitely feel more enthusiastic about waking up every day.

So where do you begin on your journey to just being you? I have absolutely no idea. You have to want to be yourself with no questions asked to even begin with. I’m nineteen and it’s taken me this long to begin to realise that I can stop caring about what others think, and even though I’m not all the way there, I still care about other peoples opinions a little bit too much, I’ve already put my foot on the first stepping stone to even get started on my new found mentality.

I have a lot of bloggers to thank for this though. Seeing the really cool girls in the blogosphere who just say and do what they want without caring about what people are going to say really inspired me to want to start being that way too. I think it’s going to affect my blog content as well, I feel more inspired this way, now that I know I can let go of my fear of judgement.


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It is easier said than done though, there are many things that can stop a person from being one hundred percent authentic, it’d be foolish to sit here and write about how amazing it is to do that knowing full well there are people who probably can’t and for good reasons, which is why I also think that people should become more tolerant. The same way you want to be accepted, so does somebody else. Laughing at people and judging them is nothing to be proud or happy about, think about how you would feel in their shoes with people laughing at you. Instead, uplift them and encourage them, then they will encourage you. The green monster named Envy will definitely not show up once you start to open your mind and heart.

I’m going to continue being one hundred percent me whilst encouraging others to be one hundred percent them, imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same anyway.


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