Ever since we introduced Effie into our family, I’ve been gooey eyed over her and written about her quite a lot over here, so when petshop.co.uk sent me some treats for her, I was thrilled to bits! The Pet Shop is a giant online retail store full of pet treats, pet food, toys and accessories. We all know how much I adore my little Effie so I was excited to be working with them.

Effie is a chewer, anything she can get her little paws on, she’ll chew, we’ve had to hide all sorts of things from her, she’s still a pup so she’s very mouthy still and we’re still training her, she’s a baby. So, it was pretty awesome and convenient when I opened up the box and it had a DentaLife chew for her to gnaw away at. Let me just say: she absolutely loved it. You know when a small child goes suspiciously quiet? Well dogs do that too, and this had her in suspiciously quiet territory, we give her chews quite frequently because of her chewing habit but she seemed to really enjoy the DentaLife stick. What’s special about DentaLife is how it focuses on keeping your pup, or elderly pooches teeth clean, healthy and strong. DentaLife dog treats aren’t that pricey at all, actually, they come at a great price for the high quality that they are and if your pup is a chewer like Effie, these are really worth getting. I also can’t imagine us trying to brush Effies teeth on our own, she’s a sassy pooch and would definitely not let us anywhere near her mouth with a toothbrush.

Effie also had some delicious fishy treats sent, each block was pretty big and they absolutely reeked but Effie didn’t care. I made the mistake of smelling these as soon as I laid my eyes on them, I already knew that Effie liked fish since we used to give it her when she was only a couple of months old to treat her at dinner time. There’s no harm in giving your dog a nice meal as a treat every now and then and it feels really nice to give her something delicious to eat whilst we have our meals, but we also try not to spoil her too much by giving her too many treats which means that so far she’s only eaten one of these, but she really enjoyed it and I was laughing because before I was ready to give her these, I kept them away in the box in my wardrobe and one day she was sniffing away at my wardrobe door, I was confused for a moment until I realised what I had hidden in there. These natural dog treats  really were a treat for her, and in my opinion they’re really not that expensive, I’d pay these prices anyway.

Now for the big one: I was given a full pouch of grain free dog food for her. It’s completely organic and grain free which means it’s good stuff, when I showed my mum even she commented on how it’s high quality dog food too. Inside contains 60% poultry and fish, 40% fruit and veg and it’s approved for all breeds. I didn’t give her a full bowl of this to begin with, which is also when I took the photos, just because we’ve given her food in the past, filled the bowl, and she’s really not enjoyed it, but she finished the food pretty quickly which I took as a good sign!



Visit The Pet Shop


The Pet Shop are like a giant treat, food and toy supplier with great prices and high quality food for all pets, Effie certainly loved her experience with them and they’ve definitely gained a customer out of me thanks to this experience.

If you have a pet, definitely check them out.

*Everything in this blog post was sent to me, but all opinions are true and my own!*


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