Tommy Hilfiger is a brand, and designer, that I’ve come to love. A few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to my first Tommy Hilfiger piece. I love it and it’s going to be a staple for me this Summer.


Tommy Hilfiger is one of my favourite brands, I was hoping to get the chance to wear this tank by them when I went on holiday but since the sunshine came to the UK earlier than anticipated this year, I wore it over the heatwave that struck the country. Comfortable and fashionable, this has quickly become one of my favourite pieces.

The piece is girly enough, yet also tom-boy (eugh) enough to suit my style

As I’ve expressed before, I find dressing in the summer to be quite a challenge. I have a more boy-ish dress sense and I actually prefer fashion in the Winter because it suits my tastes more. So when I saw this shirt, and saw it didn’t have a spec of pink on it, I got really excited about it.

The joy of this piece is that it’s just a Summer piece. I can get excited to wear it next year because I won’t have over-worn it this year through the different seasons. The arms have a low cut too so when we had our heat wave, everywhere was getting some air.










I’m planning on taking this piece with me when I go abroad on holiday this year too. The material is thin enough for hot weather, yet thick enough so that I’m not freezing to death if the temperature drops a little bit. I also like that the patch is a felt material, it’s not attached to the shirt, which means the print won’t fade out after just one wash.

Will I be buying more Tommy Hilfiger?

Definitely! If the quality of this shirt is anything to go off, then I’ll really like future pieces that I potentially buy. This was definitely a treat though, as the prices for Tommy Hilfiger pieces can get quite expensive, and this was no exception, so I won’t be making a habit of buying Tommy Hilfiger, but when I feel like giving myself a little treat, I’ll definitely invest.

I like blogging about these types of pieces every now and then, I think it’s just fun to talk about something like this, especially when it’s a piece I can get excited over.















I’m definitely going to be featuring this garment in a future look book, and you’ll see it all over my Instagram too because to be honest, I won’t be taking it off this season.