This weekend I was able to go and get myself my sixth tattoo, I’d had it planned for the week later but I received a message off Gethin asking me if I was up for going on Saturday and of course I was. I’d originally written this post to go up after getting this tattoo so not only did my excitement and eagerness for my tattoo get to be seen too early, I’ve also been able to get this post up a little early too. Happy days!

I’ve noticed lately, well, ever since the weather picked up really, that my tattoos have been needing more love and care than they have been needing during Autumn and Winter, my skin is getting drier and I’ve been needing to moisturise a little more frequently during the day. I have no problem with this because, I chose to get the tattoos and honestly moisturising a few more times in the day isn’t the biggest deal in the world.

I feel a little bit dumb though, how did I not expect this? Both of the tattoos on my arm are a little old by now though compared to my newer ones, and they seem to do well during this weather besides a little itchiness here and there so that’s probably partly why I haven’t had this during the summer last year but the tattoos on my leg which are only a couple of months old each have been needing to be seen to more.

Now that I’ve actually been tattooed whilst it’s Summer, I will now get to see new ways of caring for a healing tattoo and whatnot. Getting tattooed itself was awful, not because it’s Summer but because of the spot, my lady was definitely the most painful one yet and my hands went super clammy and sweaty, I tried to keep my mind off of it by reading but every time I went to read, my mind was focusing on the pain. I was relieved every time I had a little break but it’s also suckish because it doesn’t mean the tattoo will be done any faster, thus meaning longer pain. After it was done I was so relieved and when I got to see the final product, I couldn’t have been more pleased with it.

My lady is a beauty and suits my traditional will-be-sleeve perfectly. A lady head is something I’ve wanted tattooed for a while, I always see Gethin doing them and I get major tattoo envy, despite this though I never felt like a lady head was the right spot on my shin and didn’t think she’s fit in there, and I’m glad I didn’t rush into getting her and just having her on my shin for the sake of it, because she suits my calf so well and it looks like she was meant to be there all this time. I honestly didn’t plan to get her just yet though, I normally leave it up to Gethin to choose my tattoo so when he messaged me suggesting a lady head, I was like Hell Yeah! 



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It’s funny how just getting a tattoo affects you for the rest of the day, I felt pretty exhausted after getting her done and couldn’t wait to go home and have a nap (which I successfully did, next to my pooch as well), I don’t even drink coffee because I’m prone to panic attacks – which is a story for another day, but I had to drink one to keep me awake on the train journey home cause otherwise I would’ve fallen asleep on the train. Some people have told me they get an adrenaline rush after getting tattooed and feel like they can do anything, others have told me it gives them no affect at all, but for me, it seriously tires me out.

I can’t wait to get another tattoo now, but it’ll have to wait until September since I’m going away on holiday next month and there’s all sorts of reasons why getting a fresh tat too soon before you go on holiday is a bad idea.

My healed tattoos have done pretty well in the sun already, and I know this because the UK had a heat wave a couple of weeks ago and since it was so hot, I wore my skirt and shorts out a couple of times and my tattoos didn’t seem too fazed by the sun or my skin getting a slight tan which made me feel relieved since it was a little practise round before my holiday, so now I know how much moisturiser to use and how much sun cream to apply to them. I’ve listened to plenty of horror stories on YouTube and read plenty of articles about how the sun can destroy a nice tattoo so I worried quite a lot about going abroad, but we had temperatures higher than abroad and I did well enough.

I love tattoos and getting a new tattoo, the Summer is perfect for new tattoos and I’m back on my tattoo high, I want more.