This year for me was originally meant to be the year I started to get serious about a lot of things and although I wouldn’t say that it has been that, since it’s now the middle of the year and I’d say I’m only 25% of the way there with my goal, these past 6 months have been amazingly fun, and I have got a lot done.

Unlike the past me, I very rarely feel embarrassed or unsure of who I am, I used to feel paranoid about a lot of things and I worried about other peoples opinions all of the time. I very rarely worry about what other people think. I feel content with myself. I feel good.

My parents have seen me struggle over the years. My mum has listened to my complaints and grievances about life and she’s seen me get let down time and time again. Without my parents I would be incredibly lost and incredibly unsupported. My parents don’t judge me, or act like I’m unusual because of the weird things I like or the habits that I have. They encourage me to do the things I like, and they let me get on with things at my own pace. It’s just so incredible and so great to have two people who just want nothing at all other than the best for you.

I have two sisters, if you’re a regular reader over here then you know that. We’re treated as individuals, we’re all at different stages in life, admittedly I’m in a weird stage right now of trying to go through personal growth and my parents are just letting me ride it out, figure out what’s going on and do things when I’m ready to do them, my parents are the best and I love them both so so much. They became grandparents two weeks ago today, and I just know that what my niece, their granddaughter, needs out of grandparents, they’re going to be that and more. I have many regrets as far as my parents go though, I wish that I wasn’t so awkward in my teen years and that all the arguments we’ve ever had never happened, but I think that’s normal and most people feel that way, they don’t dwell on my past and they love me for who I am. I love my parents, and I just wanted to dedicate a little post to them.