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Every girl dreams of the day she owns her very first designer handbag. In my case, it has been my Love Moschino off shoulder bag, the new love of my life, pun intended.

I had set my sights on getting a designer bag this year as I felt ready to finally have one. I always saw myself as a cheap backpack kind of gal but when I bought and wore a backpack early in the year, it just did not feel right. I realized quite sadly that the “me” who could only wear a backpack, had outgrown it.

So, I started browsing the internet in search of a bag that was small enough that it would not get in my way, but spacious enough so that it could hold my camera, purse and keys. I had agonized over this decision as if my life depended on it, because I knew the cost of a designer bag and I did not want to mess up and buy a bag that I would come to hate. So instead of steering into the unlike-me territory, I decided to use this opportunity not to reinvent myself, but to stick to the grounds I already knew. So, no hot red or pastel pink handbags were in my line of sight.

For any former “tom boy” events like these are big occasions in your life, it’s almost like a milestone. The first designer bag. The bag is aggressive enough yet simple enough to fit me perfectly like a glove. For someone who has only ever gone up to at least £45 for a bag, spending a whopping £145 felt almost naughty. This was a real “treat yo self” moment for the likes of someone like me.