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I have got a lazy way of thinking, it’s just a simple fact about myself that I’ve had to come to accept, or rather, other people have had to come to accept. I constantly express the belief that God has a plan for me, I’m just following it, and that’s why my life is the way it is.

I’ve always believed in fate, I think that everything that happens throughout our lifetime was meant to be, no matter what we do, that’s what has been planned out for us since the day we were born. This isn’t fact because obviously I have no concrete proof of this being a thing, but it’s something I believe in so strongly that it’s caused a lazy way of thinking.

When things don’t go my way, I shrug it off and say, “Well it just wasn’t meant to be,” but this can be quite the hindrance in my life. It’s stopping me from feeling any determination or anger due to the fact that I haven’t been given something that I may have slightly worked for, or it’s giving me no determination for next time. Obviously there are things in life that we cannot have no matter how hard we try for it, but I find myself never really pushing the extra mile for things just because I think that God obviously did not want me to have it.

When I expressed this belief to my mum, she told me about my Granddad having a similar thought process, only he didn’t live by it and it was just something he believed to be true, he believed that when you are born you have a blueprint set out for you that you will definitely follow as well as a number above your head, which happens to be the amount of years you will live for. When you reach that number, you die. When he lived, he never had the chance to have this sort of conversation with me though, so it isn’t something he told me that I carried with me since childhood, I just came up with this concept off my own belief, and happened to be told about him sharing a similar belief only years later.



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So, why do I think this? I don’t recall anyone telling me of similar beliefs when I was a child and I haven’t ever really read about it either. I just came to accept that this is how the world works and this is the way that life is set out for us. I’m quite superstitious though, I believe in luck and I believe in the existence of Gods.

This isn’t something that I feel is a totally bad thing. I think that having faith in something and believing in fate is almost a romantic mindset, it can probably lead to laziness and a lame thought process, but if I can acknowledge this and work on it, then I don’t think that I can fault this thought process for my own lazy brain.

In a way, I should come to battle this belief giving me a hint of laziness and shrug it off a little, maybe I will be able to force myself to have that extra spout of motivation, or perhaps I will start to feel anger and bitterness when I’m unable to get the things I want, I do not think this thought process is a dangerous and problematic one, because it’s ultimately not going to be doing anything other than making me believe that it’s time for me to start to get a move on, force me to begin pushing myself.