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Things come in and out of fashion, whether it’s clothing trends or lifestyle choices people are constantly adjusting to follow trends and conform to what is popular. Which makes me think, is feminism also a fashion statement?

Feminism is a hot topic. It’s an important topic too. I originally became aware of feminism and what women were fighting for through Tumblr. At the time, I had a lot of male friends around me who were very anti-feminism, called them feminazis and couldn’t see the message that these women were trying to convey. Now, I see feminism all over the shops on t-shirts as #GirlGang and Girl Power on slogan tees. So, is feminism a fashion statement or is this part of the natural progression of the cause?

So why am I asking this now?

Because it’s come to my attention. I’ve been pretty vocal about supporting the feminist cause. I don’t believe you can be a woman and be anti-feminism, I don’t think that any woman on this planet thinks that feminism is totally rubbish.

However, as I mentioned earlier, brands have caught on to it. They know that women will lap up the #SquadGoals BS and advertise their products quite fondly if it’s standing for our political message. I don’t see anything wrong with someone wanting to wear a shirt that says Girl Power though. I think that it’s cool if you want to wear it, I also think that some of the feminist inspired shirts that I’ve seen in TopShop are really cool, even if a bunch of fourteen year olds told Cosmopolitan that they’re “basic”.

High fashion has never been shy of letting its models walk down the catwalk in a chiffon shirt that exposes the models nipples, actually it’s seen as being quite normal on the runway. However when #FreeTheNipple started to become a cause, it caused all sorts of controversy. People were blind to the fact that we were seeing the likes of Kendall Jenner walk a show with her nipples on full display, and so many people expressed outrage that women wanted to just, let their boobies out.

So I also think this is a point against what I’m trying to say, because despite high fashion having its claws firmly inserted into the exposing of nipples, people didn’t care that normal every day women wanted to get their boobs out.


Let’s be basic and buy a Girl Power shirt 😉


Do I consider feminism in fashion to be true to feminism?

Well, yes. If the brand is genuinely trying to push the cause and make an actual stand then I don’t understand why you would suggest that it’s not “true” feminism. If someone wants to wear a Girl Power t-shirt because they want to show the world that they’re fighting this cause, then how can it not be true feminism?

I see a lot of people out there insinuating that the girls who wear these shirts don’t actually give a damn about feminism. Don’t get me wrong, I personally do not wear these shirts because I just don’t want to, but I don’t think that someone who does is any less of a feminist than someone who doesn’t. I also don’t think there’s any right or wrong way to be a feminist so long as you’re fighting for equality and you want men and women to be on the same equal wave length as each other, and you’re not simply just man hating.

I think that feminism is not a fashion statement in the sense of it being a cause, but you can make it a fashion statement as well as a political statement if it’s going to benefit what all of these men and women have been fighting for.




Or cop a pin









In all honesty, fashion statement or not, I think it’s awesome that there are so many women out there who care about feminism right now and who are fighting for the rights of women all over the world, it’s awesome, and probably renders this thought pointless in a way, because in fashion or not, it’s making a positive change.

All of the stigma surrounding feminism kind of went away when fashion got its claws into the cause, before celebrities and brands were using their voices to support the cause the internet was full of trolls who found it blasphemous that feminists still existed in this day and age, they found it difficult to see a reason why we still need feminism today and it would result in lots of abuse and lots of memes.

I too, would condemn the idea of feminism and I used to roll my eyes whenever somebody would openly talk about it. However, fashion getting its claws into it and social media making the voices of hundreds of thousands of women able to be heard has united women in all of the best ways. Is feminism a fashion statement? Definitely, and we wear it with pride.