Things come in and out of fashion, whether it’s clothing trends or lifestyle choices people are constantly adjusting to follow trends and conform to what is popular. Which makes me think, is feminism also a fashion statement?

In all honesty, fashion statement or not, I think it’s awesome that there are so many women out there who care about feminism right now and who are fighting for the rights of women all over the world, it’s awesome, and probably renders this thought pointless in a way, because in fashion or not, it’s making a positive change.

All of the stigma surrounding feminism kind of went away when fashion got its claws into the cause, before celebrities and brands were using their voices to support the cause the internet was full of trolls who found it blasphemous that feminists still existed in this day and age, they found it difficult to see a reason why we still need feminism today and it would result in lots of abuse and lots of memes.

I too, would condemn the idea of feminism and I used to roll my eyes whenever somebody would openly talk about it. However, fashion getting its claws into it and social media making the voices of hundreds of thousands of women able to be heard has united women in all of the best ways. Is feminism a fashion statement? Definitely, and we wear it with pride.